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  1. Up by 2. I have Arob he has Golf in PPR Up by 18 in PPR. He has D Henderson
  2. He does have 5 games against NFC east opponents coming around the corner. That can help anyone's stats. If you own Sanders, you can feel a little better knowing Drake owners are very jealous of you.
  3. You may be right but not with McCoy, I will be surprised if he doesnt get cut. He doesn't get to suit up in the Superbowl on a team with his old coach? I would not worry about McCoys touches.
  4. I jumped on the Burns train last year before the injury. Most weeks were Meh so I don't get the new hype honestly.
  5. Why are we calling LF a bust already. He could go to a team and still do well. He is leaving the Jags.. not the Chiefs.
  6. it will be tampa.. I had 3 auctions drafts yesterday and got good prices on Vaughan and R Jones in all 3. My bad luck has the power to bring LF to Tampa.
  7. Polland seems to good not to see more time in the backfield. Especially in games they are behind and with their D, it could be more then a few. I'm trying to fade him this year.
  8. How should folks adjust their league settings for this year? More IR spots? Extra bench space? Some leagues even a limit to the amount of add/drops you can do in a week/season, that would have to change. Should more leagues go away from head to head match ups and just use total points? I feel like there is a way to prepare for the season to be a mess but still keep the leagues fun this year. I think keeper leagues will need some protection too. It may be very early in the year where fantasy teams collapse and look to sell the farm, just to be set up for next year. Maybe
  9. Someone listed Mike Evans as a "consistent" WR. The thread should have been locked at that post. Unless consistently scoring 40 points 1 week and 2 points the next, is what was meant by consistent.
  10. I'm hoping to have Daniel Jones as qb2 on all my teams this year. I don't see the Giants getting any better on D and will need to score to stay in games. He had some dud games but also had some monsters last year. Hopefully D Jones will be laughing at Baker M mid season for his stupid comments last year. I think many of the Giants offensive guys will be good mid-later round values this year. (other then of course SB) Of course he helped me win 2 champ games last year so I may still have a man crush on him.
  11. What is a reddit? Over/Under on amount of leagues that will have some sort of corona affiliated team name. I'm putting the betting line at 90%
  12. Calm down on all the details OP. What positions do you use? IDP? Why only a $5 increase? You could add $$$ from each owner if someone guys undefeated or wins 2 years in a row.
  13. Why are you allowing keepers to be add/dropped etc so late in the season? At the very least you should shut this off when the playoffs start. We stop ours in week 10. It's way too easy for teams out of the playoffs to dump solid players and pick up lottery tickets.
  14. Don't care, still not drafting one of their RB's next year.
  15. IMO you guys are leaving Miles Sanders out. Next year he will most likely be the iggles main RB. I don't see any way he makes it out of the 2nd round. He will be on a playoff team with a good offense. The game script works either way for him. There is no way your going to leave him on the board for C Sutton, Mike Evans or Todd Gurley type players.
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