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  1. Honestly, with an anticipated ADP dip due to the Ingram signing I might be a buyer in some of my drafts. I never thought this backfield would be DJ and Buddy Howell entering the season and I actually think Ingram is the best case scenario of any of the free agent backs not named Todd Gurley. Ingram is coming off of b2b seasons with lower body injuries which is the quintessential kiss of death for 30+ year old RB's. They have significantly more money invested in DJ and have every reason to ride him into the ground. Yes, the offense will suck without Watson but one silver lining is Watson has be
  2. Yikes those are some of the worst takes i've seen on these boards.
  3. I'll make this easier for you. Here are the running backs that finished immediately behind JJ in PPR this year: Zeke, Hunt, Mike Davis, Gibson, MGIII, Hines, Drake, Swift, Carson, RoJo. What are your reasons for thinking any of these guys were more valuable than JJ in 2020? I'll give you a hint: giving you more consistent fantasy production over the course of the season isn't one of them.
  4. I'm confused by your argument, are you implying that there were many running backs that finished with lower point totals than him (and weren't hurt for much of the season) that were far more consistent? Again, name me the running backs you would have rather owned in 2020 (NOT in 2021) and explain your reasoning. I'm genuinely curious, a simpleton like myself could use some help.
  5. I was talking about in 2020. When did anyone bring up 2021? Again, name me all of the running backs you would have rather had in 2020 and explain your reasoning.
  6. Ah the old take away his best game and he sucked argument, a tale as old as time. Ok buddy, name how many running backs you would have rather owned than Jacobs this year and explain your reasoning.
  7. Yep I thought of him after I posted that. He has a lot of similarities to Dillon profile wise so I hope that Dillon develops into a Jackson-esque pass catcher but I wouldn't bet on it.
  8. Point me to a 240+ pound bruiser that has ever been a good enough pass catcher to earn a significant pass catching role in the NFL. I'll wait.
  9. A bit, but more so the contextual factors that he has going for him and how that is totally different from someone like Jonas Gray. Dillon is still a limited runner who will never be a good pass catcher and could easily end up having a Jordan Howard level career trajectory--which included an RB1 season but the value didn't last long.
  10. Huh? I don't see many people going overboard on Dillon. Saying that Jonas Gray had one good game so we need to temper expectations is just bizarre. Jonas Gray was an undrafted free agent with pathetic college production and a horrible athletic profile--he was lucky to ever get a shot in the NFL. AJ Dillon was drafted in the 2nd round, set every rushing record at BC and has a unicorn level athletic profile. He will be given many more opportunities to produce/succeed than someone like Jonas Gray. So, sure, expectations should be tempered but the upside is real.
  11. Facts are facts. He was a mid-range RB1 in 2020 and delivered on his ADP whether you like it or not. Just because he never repeated his week 1 performance doesn't change that. The other RB's being drafted around him were CEH, Mixon, Ekeler, Chubb, Jones and Drake. He was more valuable than all but 2 of those players and it's a toss up on whether you would have wanted Jacobs or Chubb (who missed 4 games with injury).
  12. You realize that is 1/2 PPR whereas the majority of fantasy gamers play in PPR, which he only had 4 games of 9 or less points in.
  13. His ADP was the RB10 going into the season and he finished as the RB8. That is not what anyone should consider a disappointment, he delivered on his ADP.
  14. Incorrect, in PPR he had 9 points or fewer in 4 games. Here are the only RB's that had 9 points or fewer in less games than him: Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, David Montgomery, Nick Chubb, Aaron Jones, James Robinson and Chris Carson. That's it. Chubb and Carson both missed at least 4 games. Derrick Henry had the same amount of 9 point or fewer games as Jacobs, albeit with a far higher ceiling but that is why he was being drafted significantly higher than Jacobs in fantasy.
  15. Jacobs will probably be one of my highest owned players next year, particularly with this DUI news and I think he's a screaming buy in dynasty. I hear so many people starting to talk about him as a bust/fading him next year but he has b2b 1000 yard rushing seasons to start his career and 19 total TD's. To put the start of his career in perspective here are the only other running backs that were drafted at 21 years old who had 400+ fantasy points in their first 28 games: Walter Payton Barry Sanders Emmitt Smith Marshall Faulk Edgerrin James Clinton Portis MJD
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