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  1. Why so little talk on this guy? I know he's been a boom or bust guy most of his career, but a likely high scoring affair vs GB and having to play catch up. May get Jaire treatment, but he usually doesn't travel.
  2. Even if he does get more opportunities, will he even do anything with them? He's been dropping passes left and right. The difficulty of the matchup is so hard to ignore. The OL is beat up and I don't see a lot of upside here this week?
  3. I would lean Deebo. I believe Snead will be back for the Ravens and that will likely cut into Hollywood's targets. Thoughts?
  4. I may be partial, but I own both Gallman and Gaskin and I am actually excited about starting both. Gaskin should have plenty of opportunities for catches with them being down. Gallman has been the Giants bellcow and his volume is hard to ignore. I struggle to get excited about Conner because Pitt has no interest in running the football. I would lean Gallman and Gaskin. Thoughts?
  5. Jacobs if he manages to play, if not, then Booker. I think you can't really ignore the volume. Ty Johnson would be second, but Jets offense doesn't inspire much confidence. I know he had a great game last week, but the Raiders run defense is really bad. Seattle not so much. Thoughts?
  6. Crowder, Aiyuk, and Chark in that order. Jets will be down and the opportunities should be there. I actually think Aiyuk is a really solid play too despite the matchup. Hill and Engram. Kyler facing a tough Giants D and hasn't looked the same since the injury. I think Engram has the higher upside. Thoughts?
  7. I keep going back and forth on flexing him. I said I wouldn't start him again with Tua, but here I am. The thing is-when have the Dolphins trailed under Tua where he was forced to throw? I feel like every game he has played they were up and just draining clock. There's no way they hold Mahomes down so game script should be positive.
  8. I would also take Marvin Jones and Hines. Jones has had some big games against the Packers in the past and it's almost a guarantee they will have to throw to catch up. Hines has a juicy matchup against the Raiders run defense. Although Taylor and Wilkins are there, you know they will move the ball and I think you have to take that chance. Obviously Hunt is a good back, but since Chubb has come back he hasn't really had the impact people expected. The Ravens defense is just tough and getting a lot of guys back from COVID. Thanks for the help on mine.
  9. Dobbins. And no, I don't trust CEH. Dobbins has looked like the best back for a few weeks now. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/833091-win-and-im-inwhir-05-ppr/
  10. Stafford. I'm a Packers fan and he has always had good games against us mainly because he was trailing all the time.
  11. Rodgers has shredded the Lions in his career. No way I would sit him.
  12. I would go with Aiyuk. He looks to have a major role in the offense despite a tough matchup ahead of him. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/833091-win-and-im-inwhir-05-ppr/
  13. Jonnu. I expect Titans to get running game going opening up play action and that should help Jonna have a nice game.
  14. I need a flex this week. Torn on who to start this week 0.5 PPR D. Parker vs KC M. Sanders vs NO Deebo Samuel vs WSH WHIR!
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