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  1. McGee with his league-leading 6th save.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/theathletic.com/news/dodgers-trevor-bauers-suspicious-baseballs-sent-to-mlb-for-inspection-sources/HaYqrb7QnfHN%3famp=1
  3. Love seeing Hampson’s three steals on my bench. Would have doubled my current total.
  4. Need the Braves’ bats, and Acuna in particular, to wake the heck up.
  5. Yeah he definitely appeared to be in a lot of pain. They just showed the replay again when Kim came up to bat.
  6. Exactly. While I think overall I like NFL season a tad more, nothing beats Opening Day.
  7. It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in California and seeing this thread pop again just makes me so darn happy. Here’s to another season of baseball (with near normalcy). Better get my excitement out now before the cold reality of my fantasy season slaps me in the face hahaha.
  8. Took a flier on him with my second to last pick. Here’s to hoping!
  9. Have my draft in roughly an hour. Moving from 10 teams to 12 this year so a little nervous for that. And of course I have the #1 pick and just no idea where to go with my strategy. Naturally I will probably make several panic picks and one or two guys who are injured that I didn't know because I haven't done enough research. In summary, I will be in here tomorrow morning adding to the content.
  10. I like the team. I would agree with SS that there are definitely some question marks on the pitching staff, but that’s usually bound to happen putting all those solid bats together. Quick advice?
  11. My league is expanding from 10 to 12 this year. Drew the #1 pick. Obviously having the pick of the litter is cool, but not sure I’m excited about what will be left the next time around. Wondering what the ideal position for everyone is? We are allowed to trade draft spots.
  12. Probably would go with Williams as well. Jarwin second. Armstead third. Thanks for the help with mine.
  13. Yeah it would really depend on available QBs vs available WRs. You’d still be able to fill out those slots with the players you have but it could leave your depth thin. At this point I would probably lean slightly toward rejecting, but there are usually always a good amount of WRs that produce, especially if it’s PPR. Thanks for the help with mine.
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