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  1. Question - is my next pick the last pick? Or am I up for two? I forgot what was said earlier in the thread.
  2. This. It’s not the same Oracle. Closing the archways in right has helped quite a bit.
  3. That makes me feel MUCH better about the trade for SF lol. Getting the much needed right handed bat and someone who can play 3rd and all three OF spots.
  4. Clippard staying put? I assume he will be the easy add for closer gig.
  5. Always people looking to play on the emotions of those who are on pins and needles during this stuff.
  6. Yeah after what they got for Berrios, I’d be trying to ship anyone with a pulse lol.
  7. As a Kennedy owner, I actually don’t mind this at all. Could continue closing games.
  8. For people in QS leagues that means nothing. He also now faces the Red Sox and a Yankees lineup that just added Gallo and Rizzo.
  9. Only a 3 game leader over a team that has added Duffy, Scherzer, and Turner. But yeah let’s rest on the laurels of our record and not try to improve the roster when very strong teams in your division are either making moves or at least being linked to several players. Sorry I stand corrected thank you.
  10. Giants not even be mentioned in these tweets now. I mean come on!
  11. Giants better be kicking the tires hard on Bryant/Story/Berrios
  12. Yeah as a Giants fan this is a major gut punch.
  13. Emmanuel Sanders Indy D @DerrickHenrysCleats OTC
  14. Where do people believe he will be slotted into the lineup?
  15. He edited his original post. Originally he had quoted a different tweet on accident that was older.
  16. Yeah Giants should be getting several players back in the next couple weeks.
  17. I'm not super familiar with all the parks in the league. Will this be an upgrade or downgrade in home parks for Hernandez from a HR perspective?
  18. Yeah sorry got busy at work. Rashod Bateman Jared Cook @DerrickHenrysCleats OTC
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