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  1. Yup. Also on the Eloy side. He’s gonna make a leap this year.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Hmm. Give a few others a chance to chime in. Thanks fellas
  3. Talk to me boys. What side you taking? Thanks! WHIR!!
  4. actually went with arob...just a gut call and it worked out so far..thanks for the input boys
  5. Playoffs! Standard scoring. Need to pick 2 of these 3. What ya got?! WHIR
  6. Hey yo. Standard league. 2 RB, 2 WR, W/T, W/R. Having a hard time figuring out the right mix here: help me out and I got you back. RBs: Leveon, Lindsay, Howard, Jacobs WRs: D-Hop, Tyreek, Sutton, McLaurin, Diggs I currently have this lineup going: RBs: Bell and Lindsay; WRs: D-Hop and Tyreek; W/T: Sutton; W/R: Jacobs They all seem kinda similar and I know I'll bone it on game day. Haha. Thanks! WHIR fersher
  7. I pulled the trigger. I know it's an overpay but I really want Kamara come playoffs..thanks, fellas.
  8. Man, I'm leaning towards doing it..I know it's an overpay, esp in PPR but..man..Kamara!
  9. Saquon will be useless to you more than likely until playoffs, if you even make it. Zeke is healthy and will help you now and going forward. I also think Woods is a nice buy low and I love Terry. I see you trading away a stud in saquon who's already hurt, a mixon who is always dinged up, and evans who is a beast for younger, more emergent guys in woods and terry.
  10. yeah, why not ride shady in that offense as opposed to JAG Gallman rental
  11. yeah, I mean I love Kamara but I feel that's a massive overpay. I'll keep looking.
  12. absolutely. You need the depth and your bench WRs are all the same guy. Take the potential starting RB and at worse, you have more depth there.
  13. Yep. I make the Jules deal and trade your way out of your Pats situation if you want but you get the best player in the deal, so do it and figure it out later for me.
  14. yep, if you think you're trading a couple nickels for a quarter.
  15. Holding on to him but I'm in a keeper league and have him under contract next year, too. Womp womp. Too talented to be left out. This isn't a Kap situation, IMO.
  16. Hey all. Quick and easy. 1 PPR league. I'm looking to upgrade at RB and have an offer on my table for Kamara. I send Ingram, Keenan, Kupp for Kamara, Larry Fitz, Emmanual Sanders. Seems steep but I'm full at WR and feel I can sell high'ish on Ingram? Am I overpaying? Here's my current team which is deep at WR. I've been going Ingram and Montgomery and then 3 wide with Keenan, Julio, Kupp. Current: RBs: Ingram, Montgomery, Freeman WRs: Keenan, Kupp, Julio, Watkins, McLaurin Future: RBs: Kamara, Montgomery, Freeman WRs: Julio, Watkins, McLaurin, Larry,
  17. Everyone knows you don't touch the Pats in South Beach, especially early in the season. Panthers at home tonight is the play for me.
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