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  1. I can't remember if Dallas Braden was mentioned in this thread, but how do you like him this year, Bog?
  2. One of the best Rotoworld has to offer and although he's young he still has tons of knowledge. Gotta give respect where respect is due and this young buck has what it takes to run this place some day..

  3. i guess ill have to check em out, especially after listening to this song lol.
  4. Sitting at a bar by rehab....just heard it on waaf, catchy song....
  5. yes, but im listenin to it by eiffel 65.
  6. Unholy Confessions...Avenged Sevenfold. the intro to this song is pretty sweet.
  7. hahahahahaha...i have no idea how i found that song either.
  8. sixx am....anyone ever heard of them??
  9. comment #2 bro

  10. Enter you Comment

  11. haha wtf?! ill stick to listenin to em on my ipod. btw right now, audioslave, doesnt remind me...good song.
  12. hahah hellzyea it is, i was waiting to see how long it took for someone to bring em up on guitar hero. i can play it on medium but thats it.
  13. im listenin to some dragonforce right now. sick a$$ guitarist!!!
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