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  1. I haven't looked it up, but I'm going to guess that the Bulls are last or near last in defense thus far. They've been a fantasy haven for the rest of the league. Solid game for him, but need to see him string some solid games together before any conclusions can be made.
  2. It's a long season. Hopefully, your team is balanced enough to allow your end of the roster players to have their dud games. I don't know what player pools look like in 12-14 team leagues, but I imagine it's going to be hard to find another player with his role, potential, and minutes. He's a def hold in deeper leagues.
  3. I haven't watched a Hornets game yet, don't really plan to. I'm curious what type of shots he's taking. Anyone watching these games?
  4. Al Jefferson averaged close to 2 blks per game in a few seasons. I don't see that in Bagley's future. Randolph, albeit, a good passer, started his career as a black hole.
  5. His ceiling is Zach Randolph. Not saying he'll reach it. He's going to have to dominate pts/rebs to become relevant because he's not it elsewhere.
  6. He's receiving the veteran's minimum. There is no incentive to play him, the market was weak during the offseason, and he's a bad player in real life. If you're in standard 12 team leagues or less, drop him! 74% owned in yahoo leagues is outrageous.
  7. Modern medicine for the win. Achilles injuries used to be death blows. Durant, John Wall both looking like they never left.
  8. Thats a great "rah rah" take. In reality, for owners in deep leagues, there is no moving on. His value is low right now, and the player pool won't provide better options. So most owners have no choice but to hope for a change. Maybe he swaps roles with Ball and begins to benefit playing against backups. Maybe he goes on a hot streak (more than reasonable to expect this in a 72 game season) and does enough to qualify as sell high. Fact is, if you own him in a 16-20 team league, you have no choice but to stay put.
  9. Ayeeee!! Memories. I still follow Anthony Randolph's career. So much more potential compared to TJones and Griffin. As for this thread, there a lot of posters commenting for the sole purpose to antagonize/ridicule Boucher fans/owners. Don't be immature, fellas. If you don't have something constructive to say, in favor or opposition, you're just contributing nonsense.
  10. Andrew Wiggins is an elite athlete, lol. But your point remains, Barrett is an ok athlete. His shot is still broken. His biggest strength has always been getting to the basket, however he doesn't have the elite quickness to consistently beat opposing wings off the dribble. That won't change. I was hoping to see him develop better footwork, improve his jumpshot, find alternate ways to score, but his game is no different than it was last year, except for the fact that his free throws look better. It's still early, but I don't know. The better comparison is he's a better athlet
  11. It's actually a badge of how good he is. Typically, the top players have dead threads. There is nothing to discuss. It's the fringe, inconsistent, underperforming players with live threads.
  12. You're right, that isn't going to happen. But if he's the first guard off the bench, going forward, he becomes super valuable. Kemba's knee is a problem and I don't see him returning soon. Don't be desperate. You hold on to both Payton and Ross.
  13. Yahoo fantasy "pundits" kept stating he'd be the eventual starter. Terrible advice and one that came with no evidence. He needs more than just Holmes or Bagley to get hurt. He needs both to get hurt at the same time. If Bagley or Holmes gets hurt, Bjelica would absorb those minutes, Barnes would play more 4, and Whiteside would likely remain where he is. If you're in a deep league, you have to hold as he still possess more fantasy upside than what is available in player pools. That is unfortunate. As for standard leagues, if it wasn't for the name recognition, he'd be an easy drop
  14. Disagree. In redraft leagues, he is definitely not a strong hold. Especially for standard 12-14 team leagues and below. He's going to have A LOT of ugly boxscores. The only saving grace is that Chicago looks bad, so there is no reason he should lose minutes to Porter/Young. As for deeper leagues, well, we're desperate. He's not going to shoot enough to really impact your team fg% and he's guaranteed 20-25 minutes per night.
  15. If you're holding him in redraft leagues, you're doing it wrong. He's not the primary ball handler/decision maker on the team, his shot is pretty janky, and there are no defensive stats. He shouldn't be starting. He's not ready. In regards to stats, there is no indication that he is prepared to be return top 150 production. Unless you're in a 20 team league where desperation sets in, there is no reason he should be on rosters.
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