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  1. Keeper league reporting here. We froze moves, because what happens right now greatly impacts following seasons. Redrafts have a different calculus
  2. Alright you beautiful marshmallow man, all I need an 8pts 5ast 2reb 4th quarter on 4 of 4 shooting to salvage this line. Also make all your assists go to Gary Harris 3pms
  3. A little insight from Feb 8th - March 17th last season upon playing for the bulls (understanding that he's coming off injury). 14 games played - 2 games inactive - 33.8 mpg PPG: 17.5 REB: 5.5 AST: 2.7 STL: 1.2 BLK: 0.6 3PM: 2.6 FG%: 48.8 FT%: 90.6 TO: 1.7 If the above isn't what you're looking for, I think that's more or less best case scenario for his return. I know it would be PERFECT for me, and the efficient SF shaped hole on my roster
  4. If he starts to go on a tear, I'll bring back my team name I never got to use last year since he got injured right as he was starting to break out (and never truly got back into form). LeVertually Unstoppable
  5. Maybe he's actually a good dancer when his groin isn't hurt. I'm the worlds worst dance and I recognized one of my own up there this weekend.
  6. Sounds like Stotts just doesn't know, so he's setting expectations low
  7. Plans to play next Thursday (first game back from the ASB)
  8. Hes my keeper (drafted him and have held him in IR even when i had half my team injured) i get him at 8th round value next year
  9. Im sitting in a somewhat comfortable 1st with him as a dead spot hoping he can be my playoff buffer Side eyeing Malik Beasley right now though...
  10. With Lauri out for a while, he's going to eat when he comes back
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