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  1. Successful year in 2019. 9 owners returned. Found 2 new owners quickly. Looking for #12 so that we can do the dispersal draft for the 3 new guys. Due to the price, we have a couple guys drop every year but the core remains the same. This year's auction is online on 3/22 at 3 pm eastern. Contact info is in the original post. Thanks, Mike
  2. Still looking. The team is good. This owner did not drop because he had a bad team. He had an unexpected family situation.
  3. Pretty much standard 5x5 with the following nuances: 1) All trades go to arbitrator since there had been problems deciding what is allowed dumping wise. Each team sends in $100 extra (League is actually $1,000 with a prepaid $100 to cover trades). The 2 teams involved in trade cover the cost. Whatever of your $100 not used is returned. 2) This is a daily league with no max starts or innings. There is a minimum innings to prevent you from using all relief pitchers. 3) 15 hitters, 10 pitchers since we are pretty shallow 4) No extensions. Only hold players for 3 years with onl
  4. Now that the holidays are over I'm going to bump this up. WE finalized the one owner so once we get the 2nd new owner we can start the dispersal draft.
  5. 10 team AL keeper league looking to fill 2 open teams. Have a near definite for one team, looking for a 2nd new owner. League has been around for 20 years. This is only the 2nd time I can recall us needing 2 owners. We will be doing a dispersal draft for the 2 new owners to divide the open teams. Can keep 11. 3 year keepers with extensions at $5 per year. Pretty standard stuff. Must attend the auction at one of the owner's homes in Cedar Knolls the weekend of March 16/17. League cost $640 but we will be discounting each team $150. That $490 includes $100 faab that is returned if you don't use
  6. I posted that my $1000 5x5 auction keeper league is looking for 2 or possibly 3 owners. Online auction on Fantrax on 3/24.
  7. Our league has been together for over 20 years with the majority of the same owners. Lost a few guys in past 3, 4 years and did a bad job of vetting the new guys. They got frustrated and 2 possibly 3 are leaving. Its a 12 team mixed keeper league with no extensions. Most players are on a team for only 3 years. There are nuances to that but generally its 3 years total. Its a daily league with 25 roster spots (15 and 10), 10 reserves and 5 farm guys. The new guys had trouble with the swapping of pitchers every day. There are no max innings or starts. We will have a dispersal draft for the new ow
  8. Ed certainly is persistent. I finally committed last season after seeing the adds for years. I can tell you that the league is well run and the commish is on top of things. And for somebody looking for something different, the auction itself isn't your typical auction. Ed can explain that to you.
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