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  1. Julio Jones out. Which QB to start? Thanks!
  2. I don’t know much about Allen for Cincy so I would go with Glennon. Thanks for mine.
  3. I’d agree that Anderson should have a bit more upside over Kirk but it’s close. Bridgewater should be back which helps Anderson.
  4. I’d go Montgomery and Duke as they are the workhorses almost guarantee 20 touches or close to it. Help?
  5. I’d start Ekeler, Mostert and Drake help?
  6. Goff. He has thrown a ton last 3 games help?
  7. 0.5 ppr Which 3 should I start? At least 1 must be a RB R Woods vs SF (tough matchup) JuJu vs BAL C Lamb vs WSH M Jones vs HOU Z Moss vs LAC Fournette vs KC WHIR Thanks
  8. If Lattimore out I may lean Ridley over AJ
  9. I would start Higgins and Hunt. Thanks for mine.
  10. As long as you can trust Adams to stay healthy I would roll with Rodgers. His connect with Marquez Scantling has been sweet of late too. I’d take the shot and if they don’t accept, I’d be happy with Herbert too!
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