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  1. Thankfully this stretch was during period he was on actually on my team and not FA plug and play. Obviously not circling anymore. Still believe this hot streak fades and ends up back at 6 pts 6 rebs with poor FG% at some point. When and if, it will be much harder to drop after this run. Dudes a beast, hope it lasts.
  2. Added another expiring contract. Could be sign that another move coming.
  3. I would guess motley starts at 4. Green still better fit to come off bench. But who knows. Could make case for all
  4. Jonas never fit the system in Toronto. They didn’t want to run the offense from the low post. Phased out to stretch floor. Completely different philosophy and system in Memphis which surrounded around Gasol in the paint. I think Jonas has big time upside in same system. Good move for both teams.
  5. Faried or Okafor. Both can live without long term and roles muddied moving forward. Upside of LeVert is a must.
  6. Would 100% do the trade. Especially with Whiteside injury history.
  7. PG: Fox, Murray SG: Booker, Butler, Bojan SF: LeVert, Galli, Kendrich PF: Collins, Nance, Isaac C: AD, Boogie, Ayton, Nurkic Has to be Kendrich and Issac? Both playing well of late and upside, but just no room with Galli, LeVert and AD back off IL.
  8. Markieff still weeks away from contact. Not concerned with Stanley Johnson. Solid add. Could only become more concrete when AD shut down and in tank mode.
  9. Anyone else feel slightly bad for Baldwin and Stauskus? Portland to cleveland to houston to indy. Now going to be FA's. Racking up those frequent flier miles the last week.
  10. Got to be better options. Could he have value at some point this season? Yes for sure! Randle still banged up but back on floor. Who knows and shutdown looming for AD. Looking to tank. But AD, Randle, Okafor, Kendrich, Diallo. Still alot of bodies in there to feed. Keeps Diallo from being a spec add at this point.
  11. Could Open Up - Still leaning towards Kendrich as a better add.
  12. I think Mirotic is a firm hold. Should see 20-25 min a night and IMO he is better coming off the bench. Can fill it up and shoot at will. Bench role suits him well in past. They will need his scoring off the bench.
  13. I would agree. This is good news for Kenrich. I would change him from a spec add to solid add. Still potential for flop but opening for sure to continue providing value.
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