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  1. this is the chance to scoop him up in leagues...
  2. he still needs to get traded. A lot of this production was because of the team's great penetration with the extra pass. Zion & BI made great decisions, hence their TO #s..
  3. this is the 3rd time i've seen him start at the "PF" position. is he going to get eligibility here?
  4. i grabbed him. all about these per minute players in a deep league.
  5. what to do with this guy. he stinks, other those defensive #s. i just don't get how someone can be this bad at shooting.
  6. a bum. literally a bum. just a waste of size right now.
  7. I mean both can be true. His defense & passing is truly above average. I don't know if you can admit that though.
  8. his value w/ lowry & w/o are so different, other than the bubble games. i don't have the stats, but i know his pts/asts/usage% went up when lowry was out. when lowry was in, i feel like he was mostly used as a floor spreader. luckily his stls are always there.
  9. he looks big af, and looks to be a terror on the glass. this is going to be interesting.
  10. I do wish fantasy would catch up where basketball is really becoming position-less.
  11. posting DND is so helpful... 🙄 i do think his ADPs are about right, especially with his injury concerns. there arent many guards as efficient & score as big as he does.
  12. Where is Trae being taken though? You could easily say all 5th of them are going to be gone by pick #10. Being in anything bigger than 12team, I consider drying up. Kyrie & the others below him have risk considerations. Kyrie is ok with me, because of his raw potential.
  13. I feel like his 3s will go up, due to that monster Giannis gravity. Other than that, he could be frustrating especially if defenses still refuse to build that wall around Giannis.
  14. I don't see him progressing at all, and 8th is high. Betting on him increasing assists, when its a given he's going to lose 3-4% in usage is a risky gamble. He's probably going to be guarding the least offensive capable player, so less chance of deflections. He might even regress in rebounds, due to the people around him being very so capable reb. i do think this is a matter of how quickly PG dries up, rather than his potential.
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