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  1. Make that 55 games. Still. I am starting with confidence.
  2. I just don't want this turd to go to Miami.
  3. True, but 5 games is a pretty good sample. Show me a fantasy owner that holds onto "name" players on the regular and it will likely show owners whose teams bear little fruit at seasons end. I agree with your take, btw.
  4. Hopefully next week the Toronto Argonauts throws him money he absolutely can't refuse.
  5. He got his money and laid down it seems, ala CJ?K
  6. For being the Hall of Fame QB he is, Elway sure has signed some head scratchers at the position.
  7. Which @FFCollusion was saying. He won't put up Chubb #'s but will be a serviceable back for sure. Sunday's game proved that.
  8. Yessir! Not gonna post what i bid because i am sure a few of my league mates read this site. It's gonna be a healthy amount though. And not because i am rb needy, but to keep the needy teams from grabbing him. You can never have too many productive rbs on your squad. Good post bro.
  9. Kinda expected it, really. Buffalo has a good defense. I didn't see the game though so can't comment on his play today.
  10. Need more Ed Hochuli's out there. I always wanted Ed to forearm shiver someone when he found himself in the middle of a play. If any ref could deliver a blow it was Hochuli i suspect.
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