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  1. Um, yeah. That’s not proof. Pure speculation. And it won’t make the NFL pause the season. It would take a lot more than that.
  2. Proven fact? What? Love to know how that was proven. Anyway, I don’t see the NFL “pausing” for a week, or two, or any. And they shouldn’t.
  3. I can see why a team who needed to win now would look to trade him. But leagues are so different it’s hard to say what he would bring. It’s one thing to look at fantasy pros rankings. It’s another to actually discuss trades with people. And people will know the Golladay owner is desperate in trying to trade a hurt Golladay. I’m not sure why the owners would do it but sure, getting WRs like Krupp or Higgins would be good if immediate help is needed. It’s a bad situation all around. The lack of info about his injury hurts, too.
  4. I have no idea when he is coming back but if it was that bad, why not put him on IR? Maybe there is a good reason not to do that that I’m not aware of. And maybe it will still happen. I have him. I’m not trading him because I don’t think I could get the value for him I think he is worth if he comes back in the next two weeks. And even if he doesn’t come back, most offers I’m seeing really wouldn’t help my team all that much. tough spot.
  5. He is sitting on the bench like he normally does and no trainers are looking at him.
  6. The fact that the GB staff seems so conservative with injuries, his being active means I’m playing him. If he gets close 15 touches, I’m good. Of course, that all depends on your roster options. If I’m choosing between Jones, or RBs like Dobbins, Moss, Lindsay, I’m picking Jones and hoping. If I had Montgomery or someone like, tougher call.
  7. If you have golladay on your bench because you have Adams and Julio, I envy your WRs. If you have golladay on your bench because you think the lions are a running team, I’d like to be in your league.
  8. Agree with this. That all depends on league and bench size, but I have him just for that reason. Not all handcuffs are worth it. Williams clearly is. Even if you don’t have Jones.
  9. Wow, interesting takes here. I can understand if someone who needs to win trading Zeke. But if your roster can stand it, I’m waiting to see what happens. Not to get all AC here, but if I needed to trade and got someone like Connor, I can see that. But I’d have to be super desperate to trade him for Fournette. I get the risks here. The O line is bad, QB situation is terrible, the team seems lost. But on the other hand, they are still contenders. They can get lineman back, and can shore up the QB situation (potentially). So, I’m riding it out. I have this vision of lots of du
  10. Test results tomorrow? They using a carrier pigeon?
  11. They don’t unless they actually are put on the covid list. Otherwise, it’s like they are on bye.
  12. That’s assuming the staff member was around players. Which is certainly possible. But it’s also possible that since they have spent little time in their facility, that the staff member got it outside of team events.
  13. Why? If no players test positive, and haven’t for multiple days, why cancel because of a staff positive?
  14. Then they shouldn’t get paid and if enough players don’t want to play, then they should forfeit the game.
  15. Wow. Waiver wire? I agree that I think the covid aspect of this is a bigger concern than if he plays. Full practice today seems to bode well. And who else do they have to throw to? Smith and Brown.
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