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  1. I just think he can be helpful to fantasy teams out there. I realize there are a lot of mouths to feed, but I could see him being involved. If not, oh well, most of us didn’t give up much for him.
  2. They made the choice to go out and get him. Brady wanted him. Brady made a point to target him when they brought him in in NE. The other two WR have also had injury issues. I’ll take him for a FA pickup halfway through the season. Also, not sure what the long term prospects for the other two matter. Brady is nearing the end of his career and wants to win another ring or two. I doubt he is worried about uplifting the psyche of Evans or Godwin for years to come.
  3. Well, I had a spot. Might as well. Brady will be looking for him. Fun ride.
  4. Bears for me. They are playing better, a really good D in terms of allowing yards. And Goff is prone to mistakes.
  5. I agree. Plus they essentially had two great weeks (and Jets) to rank them at the top. Rest were mediocre. Chicago is on my WW so going after them. I like the Rams out of your two options.
  6. True, but it seems like he is not in position right now to accelerate like he normally can. Maybe he would have been past those guys if at full health? Coach admits today he’s not healthy. He’s already had three injuries to different parts of his leg. All important for the success of a runner. I have no joy in cutting him and would stash if I had the space. But that is two goose eggs when starting and one when he didn’t play. He’s killed a lot of people, and you just can’t trust him right now.
  7. Have to cut him in 10 man. Clearly not healthy. He seemed gimpy walking after plays.
  8. I actually skipped over that part, ha. Clearly an error. Pretty bad one too if you supposedly write about FF. I have to hOpe Jared can at least return some values with receptions. I am thin at RB.
  9. Rotoworld blurb about Mostert doesn’t even mention McKinnon. Is this an oversight, or has it really gotten this bad for him? Coach Kyle Shanahan said Raheem Mostert has a high-ankle sprain and is likely headed to injured reserve. With Tevin Coleman (knee) still on IR, the Niners are back to Jeff Wilson and JaMycal Hasty in their backfield. Hasty out-carried Wilson 9-4 last night and would be the preferred pickup, but both need to be added. Mostert will miss at least three weeks on IR.
  10. Good showing against a good D. But no receptions. Gordon back next week. Has Lindsay earned more work?
  11. Well 10 for Hock in ppr. Take it, I guess. But still my other options would have been better.
  12. Finally, Hock. But he should still have at least 3 TDs...
  13. Flexed Hockenson. Must start they said. Never again.
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