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  1. Daddjokes and CurvePirate...thank you so much for the feedback. I think I'll follow your advice and go back to the drawing board and try and get craft a trade with a better player than Cron. I assume you both, based on your feedback, think I can get a better player than Cron for DeSclafani and Rodriguez? Those are the pitchers I'd like to move right now because I feel like DeSclafani will likely regress and Rodriguez will likely be traded. I'd love to move them while they have the highest value (which they likely do now).
  2. Agreed. Lindor will break out. He's been very consistent over his career and is worth a lot more than Reyes...even with Lindor's awful start!
  3. Thanks CurvePirate. Yes it is a saves league. I agree that he's the most valuable right now, but everything I've read indicates that he's likely to be traded this year. This may be expedited because of his hot start and teams that are desperate for late inning relief help. It's not a given that he'll continue closing after he's been dealt...in fact, I'd expect a less than 50% chance that he continues to close games if he's dealt. I already have Jansen and Crichton...neither of which are top tier, but both are currently getting saves so I don't think I'll lose much in saves in a 12 team NL only
  4. Anyone think Crichton could hang onto the AZ closer job? He has somewhat underwhelming stuff, but had success closing at the end of last year and has been successful so far this year in the role. Anyone think they'd move back to Soria (or someone else) or is this Crichton's job to lose at this point?
  5. I'm in a deep 12-team NL only league and I have pitching to spare and need a bat. Considering selling the hot starts of a few pitchers to pick up an impact bat. Would you make this trade: I give up Anthony DeSclafani, Richard Rodriguez and Edwin Rios I receive CJ Cron, Chad Kuhl and Eric Sogard I like DeSclafani and am expecting him to have a career year, but he's likely going to regress from his hot start and I have a few starters currently on my bench (Kyle Davies and Merrill Kelly) that could replace DeSclafani. Davies hasn't pitched well, but I am expecting him to regain his
  6. I've got pitching to spare and need offense. Have been engaging the Suarez owner and am considering offering Stroman and Rodriguez for Suarez. Is this a good deal? I still have Jansen and Crichton for saves and have a decent pitching staff. Stroman has been really solid this season, but he doesn't get enough K's...which is why I'm contemplating moving him in this deal. Is this a good deal or am I giving up too much for a slumping Suarez?
  7. Anyone believe he's going to turn it around? I may have the opportunity to snag him in a very deep league (where there just aren't a lot of players with Suarez' potential) and am pondering making an offer. I don't expect him to hit .260...or probably even .240 at this point, but do you think he's still capable of hitting 30-40 HR and driving in 90+? I know he's looked pretty bad this year, but the lineup is solid around him and I'm wondering if now may be the perfect time to grab him cheap. Would welcome any feedback on his fantasy outlook for the rest of the year. Thanks!!!
  8. 1/2 pt PPR League - Need to pick a RB2 and Flex from these 7 options: James White @ LAC Damien Harris @ LAC Gio Bernard @ Mia Tyler Boyd @ Mia Corey Davis vs Cle Dallas Goedert @ GB Latavious Murray @ Atl I'm currently leaning towards Damien Harris and Corey Davis, but it's really close. Thank you in advance for any responses. I'll try and answer as many of your questions as possible!
  9. Pick up Pollard. I think he's gonna start this week. Drop Williams since Jones is back now. Gio may still get another start if Mixon doesn't come out of the bye fully healthy. Thanks for answering mine
  10. I don't love it. You don't need to get a guy like Brees back in the deal (since you have Herbert) and the upgrade of Allen & Thielen over Lockett, Landry and RoJo isn't worth giving up Rodgers. Find a deal for a better upgrade if you're going to give up A-Aron.
  11. Take the first deal. Andrews is a nice upgrade at TE and I anticipate him having a big second half of the season.
  12. Start Kirk this week. It's a coin toss, but he seems the healthier of the two vs Patrick, so that gives him the edge. If you're already going to drop, it wouldn't hurt to try and grab Beasley for this week. He's a better bet than either Kirk or Patrick this week and is the only one with double digit target possibility.
  13. Who would you start at Flex? 1/2 Pt PPR league. Thanks in advance for any help. I'll help answer questions in return!
  14. Jeudy for me. With Sutton out, the opportunity is there for Jeudy to step up and be the #1 option in Denver. Gallup has too many others to content with for his targets.
  15. Yes, if you could pull that trade off, I'd do it in a heartbeat! Thanks for answering mine!
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