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  1. Think I'm gonna roll the dice. Greinke already killed my ERA last night so why not. He looked real good in limited innings last week
  2. Don't know who I have a bigger man crush on right now... Meadows or Riley 😍
  3. Ugh just so frustrating. Anything he's done this season he's done from my bench. Everytime I think he's turned the corner and get him into my lineup he goes 0fer. Don't worry though i'll be putting him back on the bench now and he'll surely start raking
  4. Jiminez comes in, ruins Turnbull's W and picks up the W himself SMH
  5. A HBP call was challenged then reversed and then he hit the bomb. Never seen that before
  6. Anddddd he gives up a jack on cue to Castro
  7. Ronny on my bench! Forgot to get him in with that doubleheader. Nice to see nonetheless and hes helping out my Turnbull start who’s having another nice outing so far
  8. Needed two great starts from my pitchers today. Result? Gausman ejected for throwing behind a guy and Paxton leaves game injured 😡
  9. Time to drop Peacock? Single-handedly destroyed my ratios for the week and has been trash in general. Love how the Twins score all those runs and my Rosario is still 0fer and not part of any of it. Really meant to sit him today but dropped the ball with the early games today. Ugh...
  10. Can't believe what Yelich is doing! Obviously, I'm up against him this week. Making my Rosario stats non-relevant as he sweeps all the offensive cats lol
  11. Anyone never encounter an issue of waivers not going through? Tried to pickup Montae Morris and Ellington who both came off the waiver on the 21st but still showing up as pending?
  12. 10 blocks in the two games before the pick up and zero blocks in the two games after 🤣
  13. Houston with a back to back coming up tomorrow. Darnell House a good look for points and 3s? Has played well in last two games since being brought back on a standard contract. Expect him to keep the mins?
  14. Still very productive in the minutes he did get! (as usual)
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