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  1. According to this article, Porter vows return this season and states he’s “day to day”. Luckily I’m winning my week by a wide margin so I can afford to hold. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/sports/basketball/bulls/ct-spt-bulls-otto-porter-shoulder-injury-20190320-story,amp.html
  2. Got the starting job today. Produced with good %s and stocks. Must add or do we need to see more?
  3. I dropped for Cedi. Teague can't be relied on consistently, drose and tyus been playing well, and timberwolves schedule sucks. I'm done!
  4. This is beginning to sound really suspect....
  5. I get sacrificing. However, when you're currently the best player on the team, it will only go as far as you take them. IMO, they need Kyrie to be that superstar caliber, MVP type player. They're deep, I get it. But there's so many other teams out there who're stacked with 2-3 other SUPERSTARS, not just all stars, and they still get their numbers. If he ever wants to be considered one of the greats, he won't get there putting up mediocre numbers. Anyway, I'm approaching this from a fantasy perspective. I want my numbers Kyrie!
  6. How would you guys interpret this quote? What does it mean for season outlook?
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