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  1. Why is he listed to pitch today? Just using him as an opener?
  2. Will the cards play a double header monday to make up their games?
  3. Plus just forcing more double headers or skipped games that may not matter in the post season race.
  4. And now he's gone ice cold....just as fast as he got hot.
  5. redraft league......I think I'm done. Rather stream pitchers in the slot at this point
  6. Reyes Pomeranz Rogers Pressly Montero Wick Kela I currently have Montero and Pressly on my team but looking at Pomeranz and Reyes as options. Roster restrictions mean I'd have to drop one of the closers that I have rostered. No way around it.
  7. I like Luzardo here. Both have tremendous upside and I own both on my team. But I like Luzardo better for this season. He had a rough start last time out, but he was also moved up a day on short notice. I'm sure that messed with his routine a little.
  8. He actually hit a couple balls hard last night. But for outs. Hopefully he's coming around.
  9. I like the Blue Jays offense. It's only going to get better.
  10. It will be at Baltimore. Another decent chance for him to dominate.
  11. Its a total points league and I have to make a move before first pitch today. League restrictions means I have to drop a SP. Luzardo's start last night means I can't hide him in the RP slot anymore. The reason Lynn is in the discussion is that wins are worth 10pts and losses are -5 pts. Texas is probably the worst team.
  12. I'm forced to cut one in a shallow 10 team league. My other starters are Bieber, Buehler, and Luzardo
  13. Any idea of the pitching rotation for next week? It sucks these guys had to sit and miss their turns in the rotation. Just curious if they keep the same rotation or if they use this time to set a new 1-5 order.
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