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  1. Try as they might but the NFL at the end of the day is riddled with millionaire thugs that only wish to inflict violence upon their "league mates".
  2. Kyle Allen. I know. I had to google him too.
  3. Perfect example of why DSTs are dumb. Kickers and DSTs need to go.
  4. So annoying that a scheduling coincidence will defeat us.
  5. Went 0-3 last week in the 3 leagues I'm in. In 2 leagues, went against top scorer for the week. Today, my TE (0.J.) and K (Prater) combined for negative points in my most important league. I don't have a DST spot in that league but in the other two, I played against the Patriots' 40 point performance in BOTH. Boom game over thanks for playing you lost because of a defense while the rest of my team did well. Gonna start 0-6. I think that's enough football for me this year.
  6. Thursday night football does not work stop shoving this down our throats. What's wrong with 1 Saturday night game? Even Friday! Give these guys a chance to rest.
  7. He started as an Eagle and will finish an Eagle. Given DeSean's ego, he's gonna ball out this year in front of all his OG fans. He's back where it all began. Week 1 against Washington will be a revenge game. Watch for him to stick it to them.
  8. Does Arians have eyes? This is an argument for talents far less than Howard's.
  9. This guy is being massively overlooked. He's getting all the first team snaps and Pettis is in the doghouse. He's done it before on this offense. Last season he had several on and off the field problems.
  10. Amari Cooper vs. Casey Hayward in 2017: Week 6 - shadowed on 80% of routes, 1 catch on 1 target for 7 yards Week 17 - shadowed on 75% of routes, 1 catch on 4 targets for 11 yards
  11. I mean, there were valid reasons to bench him this week and its not like before today's game he was a must start. Those of us that drafted him need to pick our spots very carefully. At least he's not the worst guy to have around during bye weeks. In 10 team leagues, it's totally reasonable to have the ''drop'' conversation.
  12. I read somewhere earlier in the week that Hayward OWNS Cooper. Tough to trust.
  13. QB: I stream QB, have Big Ben. Was thinking I should play Matt Ryan all week. Saw the shootout coming a mile away. RB: I'm down Mixon and Cook. I start Lynch and Hines. Had Smallwood in my lineup, got cold feet, pulled right before kickoff. WR: Amari Cooper.... anybody got a milk carton? I started DJ Moore. Moron. Have Josh Gordon but he's unusable. Geronimo Allison helps. TE: The back-breaker. I started Rudolph at my TE spot. Had OJ tonight in my flex. Down 30, sat in a parking lot today, stared at free agent Vance McDonald thinking "Hey you big stupid d
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