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  1. Now, the question is how long they’ll keep him down in AAA.
  2. His first half was actually a tail of two quarters. Had a long stretch of games where he was an ace and then a huge stretch where he was straight garbage. Hopefully, that won't happen again this half.
  3. If only the Twins could make him pitch a simulated inning before the real game every start and get that shaky first inning out of the way for each start...
  4. I could say the same about Rick Porcello before last year. It'd be an awesome surprise if Nelson maintains consistency and effectiveness throughout the season like Porcello did.
  5. I noticed in the box score that he hit 2 batters, threw a wild pitch and balked in the first 3 innings. Can anyone watching speak to these? That appears a little erratic despite the dominant stat line.
  6. If Hosmer hits a homer and no one notices, is it really a homer?
  7. Carrasco, ey? That's a hell of a way to start a hype train. I've read a couple articles about his development this year - one on picking up a curveball and the other on swapping the 4-seamer for the 2-seamer. Hopefully, this is the makings of a stud soon.
  8. BABIP can't be looked at alone. Check out the spread between BABIP and BA. His average right now is .410. If his BABIP falls to around .310, he's still going to hit at least .280 this year. Cut the ISO in half and that's still about 5 HRs a month, putting him at 36 HRs for the year if he stays healthy. I'm curious to know what anyone is getting for him in a trade since he cost little to nothing to acquire.
  9. Thoughts on his start tonight? Even though he didn't go far, it might've been promising. But I've only seen the box score.
  10. There were posts on multiple occasions that Rotoworld said Percy Harvin would return on Week 12 (Seahawks bye week).
  11. I'd rather he come back Week 6 for the Vikings than a team who has no bye til later in the year. He'll have 3 weeks to prep for Week 6, rather than 2 weeks for a team with a later bye. Better he knows the playbook and gets back into top playing shape than to walk in clueless and screwing up.
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