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  1. And you didn't even mention Zac Gallen's UCL injury just one day before the Carroll news. Brutal week for D-Backs.
  2. He's got like five above average pitches. He's the quintessential starting pitcher. Also, he threw a 147 IP in 2017, 133 IP in 2018 and 171 IP in 2019.
  3. I'll never forget how in June 2004 Johan Santana was considered a lost cause, sporting a 5.50 ERA and 1.44 WHIP after 12 starts dating thru June 8. There seemed no signs of a turnaround as Johan's K-rate was down significantly, having only struck out 61 batters across 69 IP. I bought low and it paid off big time. By season's end, Johan was the AL Cy Young, having lowered his ERA from 5.50 to 2.61 and WHIP from 1.44 to 0.92. From June 9 thru season's end, Johan delivered 12 double-digit strikeout performances and struck out 204 batters across his final 159 IP. We know what Luis Castil
  4. I realize this is an extremely small sample size, but in Vaughn's last 24 plate appearances he has a .416 OBP with three doubles and a 5-to-6 BB:K ratio. At present, he's not being overmatched. And the 1B-LF dual position eligibility gives him more value should he find his HR power stroke.
  5. The way it seems, it might not be crazy to wonder who plays first if Jose Abreu were to go down.
  6. Personally, I think you're being a bit hard on Vaughn for not making this catch. He had to run a long way and into the corner. He made a good read on the ball. Not an easy play to make. https://www.mlb.com/video/ty-france-s-rbi-double-x5663
  7. I see now at MLB gameday that Hamilton left with an injured leg. Maybe LaRussa will see to give that Vaughn guy some regular ABs now.
  8. Anybody know why Billy Hamilton left the game after two plate appearances? Injury or just a pinch hitting situation?
  9. I like Nate Lowe. But he's gonna have to cut way down on his strikeout rate to deserve being mentioned alongside those names. There might be some prime-era Adam Dunn potential though. I'd happily take that in dynasty.
  10. Ugh. So either an injury or a possible lengthy suspension for escalating a bench clearing melee during a pandemic. I hear the league is coming down hard on offenders this season.
  11. It's 4:20 on April 1 and the Tigers have the best record in baseball !!!
  12. He threw a 2-2 meatball to Roberto Perez, but the other hit was merely an infield chopper to third by Amed Rosario, who gets down the line quickly.
  13. Tigers up 3-0 to start bottom of 8th. With lefties Naylor and Bauers due up in the 9th, I can definitely see Derek Holland getting the save opp.
  14. https://www.mlb.com/news/cubs-acquire-aroldis-chapman-from-yankees-c191611658
  15. Curious about where or who this timeline came from?
  16. The Lions would have routed the Chiefs tonight. Absolute garbage effort by the entire team and coaching staff.
  17. Following a hot 4-start beginning to the season, Montas missed his Aug 13 start with a sore back. He returned Aug 18, making the first of six consecutive starts where he allowed a whopping 10 gopher balls in only 25 combined innings pitched. Maybe a sign that his pitches were staying up in the zone while his back was bothering him? He ended the regular season with a 6-inning, 13-strikeout gem. 10 of those K's were on swinging strikes! Of course he fell back to Earth with a clunker in his one postseason start, allowing 2 bombs and 5 ER in 3 2/3 innings. With an - at times - deadly 4-pitch arsen
  18. The owners are the bad guys in these negotiations. There should be no consideration by MLBPA of anything less than an 80-game season. 48 is ludicrous. These owners are crying about losing 326-million and showing no proof of those losses. And even if their numbers are correct, 326-million is about 10.8-million for each owner. That's a drop in the bucket for those in the billionaire club. To put it another way, that's about the cost of a number 4 starting pitcher.
  19. Mark "The Bird" Fidrych. The only baseball player to grace the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. 1976 was magic. What a season and what a guy.
  20. In my opinion, Brendan Rodgers and Christian Pache (at least hitting-wise) are vastly overrated. I'd take Downs over the both of them. Rodgers, in particular, has major flaws in his game. He's positively allergic to taking a base on balls, and has zero speed. He also seems like an injury liability. And if he's traded by the Rockies, kiss his value goodbye.
  21. Chavis owners will want to cover their eyes for these 2019 MLB stats in 382 plate appearances ... 96 wRC+ .347 babip which led to a still rather paltry .254 BA and .322 OBP 33.2 K% vs 8.1 BB% xBA .222
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