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  1. Drop crowder, Hinton, Reagor, Thomas. Pick up Davis, coutee, Hilton, Akers
  2. Clearly dobbins is the best back they have. Not using him more cost that offense dearly.
  3. Robinson all day, until dobbins gets more work. Go with the guy who will get 20 touches
  4. How so? Campbell led the team in snaps week 1
  5. I accidentally did this In a 14 team 5 bench ppr league ended up Pretty good. J Allen $1 zeke $77 barkley $70 scary Terry $12 Boyd $9 marvin Jones $7 jonnu $1 hollywood $10 Mathew stafford $2 Antonio Gibson $7 gesicki $1 Def $1 k $1 parris Campbell $1
  6. Are you starting Jackson week 1? If yes draft away, if not, why are you wasting a pick?
  7. IMO Jackson shouldn’t be drafted. A lot of chatter for Jackson but none for a guy like John Ross III. Draft Reagor and leave Jackson for some other lucky guy or girl
  8. Why would you spend 11.7 for Jackson? He’s 33 not sure about anyone else but I’d rather play the rookie wr lotto than draft a bunch of safe picks. I’m trying to build a championship team not “make it to the playoffs”. Spend that 11th on something else, then grab Reagor at the end of the draft
  9. Pittman is going to eat!!! This offense is going to be very underrated, wouldn’t be surprised if this team wins 11 games
  10. Starting running back going in the 6th round in a 10 team keeper league? I’m already in! The rams need a running game and Gurleys corps had a bunch of decent games last season. Mcvay will find a way to get his new toy involved.
  11. As an Ingram owner last year, sure he was good, but he was worn down towards the end of the season. The need JK to develop his pass protection and if they trust him enough I see him carving out a flex worthy split after a couple weeks. He’s my rb4 and I’m ecstatic to have him.
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