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  1. Meh, this guy is awesome for punt FG%. He probably kills any other team, but he's so damn perfect for this niche.
  2. "Take it out on his teammates" Lol. K. Good thing they got you here for em XD
  3. Eek! It's the fantasy morals white knight! Hope he's never owned a single violent criminal in his fantasy career!
  4. Ok Ok, FIIINE. Then we need some injuries to these ball hogs.
  5. Or he’ll be traded and be in a better situation with a better playoff schedule
  6. Have to imagine it helps his percentages some, points down slightly. Not sure it should hurt much else. The assists are such a nice surprise, they're probably due to drop slightly anyhow. But would Oladipo's return hurt them really? Dunno.
  7. Watching him this last quarter, he's just passive with the ball
  8. Yea but all of his stats came in the beginning of the 1st quarter. He's done ZERO since, in those minutes played.
  9. Welp he did work in the first 5m, and then did literally nothing else
  10. On the bright side, less assists means less turnovers...by a lot. If you were punting assists and drafted him knowing you'd win TOs weekly, he kind of screwed your team. This is back in line with expectations.
  11. wtf is with these minutes today?? 13m with 5 to go in the 3rd. Never mind, foul trouble.
  12. ITT: some people projecting their own experience with substances onto JG
  13. Is marijuana "ruining his life" in any way, other than his job in the NFL? If you want to consider that "ruined." What else in Josh Gordon's life is so out of control because of marijuana? The concept of addiction is used as a weapon towards athletes. Read Josh Gordon's letter. It paints a far more nuanced and realistic picture of what is going on.
  14. Or the substance isn't worth being banned. And it is of use to your health. And you determined it's worth it, or might be. Ricky WIlliams did, and has been extremely open about how much it benefits his life. Addiction is a copout concept in the case of most substances, especially cannabis.
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