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  1. The best time would have been a few weeks ago. The second best time would be right about now. Sigh. Sadly there were clues all over the place with all the “rest”. They were tanking with half the season to go, now that he is “injured” there absolutely no chance they will let him back on the floor. This is for redraft leagues of course. And this is not a fantasy advice. I just like the stock. Or in this case, don’t.
  2. Zach Levine does not get enough love. Understand he got drafted very early. But to me he is just ballin’ out of his mind. How can someone drafted in the first round, top 5 in almost all leagues outperformed their ADP? By being the undisputed number 1 overall player in all leagues and all formats. He got the fantasy MVP locked, might have also with real life MVP. Yea you know who. Why so serious, the Joker.
  3. Damn that forehead wrinkles...like do people do that on purpose? Just reflexes when they think and talk at the same time? It F’n uncomfortable when I do it for like a minute.
  4. Damn this is why we got the same teams winning the championship over and over again. Would not be surprised to hear an injury to Spyder or Rudy next. I hope to god not, but would not be surprised to clear the path for Lebron and Lakers again.
  5. Piece of garbage. Trash. Unbelievable waste of floor space.
  6. You can’t argue about this...you just can’t... Only one that come close would be RoB1nson, amirite?
  7. I scrolled kind of fast and skipped over the username but when I see the chart...I didn’t even need to look. Flacco vs. Darnold chart huh. You are something else buddy.
  8. Disclaimer, I’m not going to get into any sort of discussions about Nike as a company. But a company that recently put out shoes that promoting Satan and apparently bloods in shoes(?), (I’m not too sure because I’m not even going to waste a minute of my life looking up anything related this company to confirm it), well if that company is saying morally you have F up then it is pretty much game over for you.
  9. Thanks. I have been lurking and reading you guys posts. I can’t even name 5 college players for the upcoming draft. So this is beyond my smooth brain. Definitely next level scouting for fantasy though. Keep it up guys.
  10. You are a brave soul. I said almost the exact thing at the beginning of the season and got murdered by RW. I see that people still have not changed their mind. But fwiw, I agree with you. And I also agree that I can see me keep playing because at this point it is more of a habit instead of a hobby.
  11. NFL needs to come back quicker for the simple fact that I want to see @Boudewijn starting player threads and @pastorofmuppets2posts.
  12. That IS the play. Buy and hold.
  13. There are only 4 games going today. There is no way to fill a full roster. If you have him why would you bench? Just sayin’. You do you though.
  14. Thought I walked into a GME stock thread for a second there.
  15. Brad Stevens and Nick Nurse can go have a lot of gay sex together and talk about how good they are at coaching. Idiots. There I said it.
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