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  1. None ‘Phins Fan here. The answer still Yes though. As a Fitzmagic 100% stocker holder I was super biased and more like hoping that Tua would flop like a fish so that the damn coach can eat his bad decision at the time. But kid was so poised and calm and collected and from a 25 years NFL fan point of view I think I have seen enough from Tua to say Miami might finally have a franchise QB for the first time since Marino.
  2. Wow. Have you been around? And I just missed your posts? It must have been like 5 years since I see your posts. Anyhow good to see you posting again buddy.
  3. How do you even post an image larger than 50 kb? What the hell is a 50 kb that is like nothing. Anyway, I feel your pain bro. I got my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th round pick all out. Total of 8 players. I have never seen anything like it in my 20 years of playing fantasy basketball.
  4. Taking Bucs moneyline +145. Taking the Under 55.5. Basically going against the public. I got a few props. Will post those later.
  5. So they can’t stop the runs. Got you to 1st and goal. Instead of keeping the momentum and give it to Jones. They called a timeout and everybody in the world know 3 passes coming. Not saying these people don’t know what they are doing. But what the F are you guys doing??
  6. They told me don’t bet against Brady and I am sure as hell ain’t going head to head against Arod. So...took the over...leggoooooo offense.
  7. Totally agree with you buddy. Just read this article and I really like it. One of the last real old school QBs https://sports.yahoo.com/philip-rivers-unique-career-had-a-lot-of-twists-and-turns-including-once-playing-on-pa-torn-acl-140242555.html
  8. https://foxsportsradio.iheart.com/content/2021-01-20-jay-glazer-patrick-mahomes-was-choked-out-not-concussed-in-browns-game/ Glazer basically is saying Mahomie will be playing. Should be a good game then.
  9. Just curious. Mahomie has not been ruled out correct? Just basing on the early line when KC was leading Clev and Mahomie still in the game, the future line was KC -4 vs. Buffalo. The line dropped to -3 but that should still tell us a story and the story is that Vegas still think Mahomie will be under center this week.
  10. I am. Nah. A long time running league among friends. Wouldn’t be the first time I finish last, that is not the point. Good luck with yours. Go get ‘em.
  11. Why did I agree to play this season? Sigh. What a mess. Between players being away 10-14 days, players tested positive, players go to strip clubs, party without masks, and of course randomly taking games off just because...”rest”...in their prime. The fun of fantasy basketball just not there this season. Just because the NFL just had a great fantasy season dispite the covid, I was wrongly assumed the same for NBA. For those that are still enjoying it, your will is a lot stronger than mine. Enjoy the games guys.
  12. Why not? They did it when the tests were not widely available and all professional athletes were using the tests before everyone else. Why not? All the people that claimed the vaccine is not good if it is produced by the end of the year 2020 skipped the line and got their vaccines. I’m not getting into this... a quick search would bring up the list of all these people I’m talking about here. I’m not disagreeing with you about whether it is a good look or if it is right that the NBA is going to do it. Just pointing out that it hasn’t stopped people to skip the line or provok
  13. FFFFffffffuuuuuuuu This hurt...a lot. 😕
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