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  1. Glad our playoffs start on 23rd. There is a slight hope. Please KAT
  2. Defensively yeah they still suck. But they are better offensively with the new guys.
  3. David Vanterpool is the reason for Wiggins' resurgence. Such a valuable hire by the Wolves from POR.
  4. Damn, thee Lord's acolyte's potential is insane. I hope that benching woke him up. I am just worried that he is just getting the minutes because Horford is in the sidelines but hopefully not.
  5. Still holding on him since I am in a deep league. Will wait for Ben's return in the lineup and see if he can get his minutes back.
  6. Time to say goodbye? Sixers playing well without him
  7. Glad to see this guy is in the lineup late at the fourth quarter. Great things to come
  8. Is Non Spicy P a must add? Curry most likely will be out for months and wonder who will step up?
  9. Same here. Such a fake tough guy who likes to troll then cries after.
  10. Monty Williams, What the F are you doing?
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