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  1. Would have to think that a move off SS will slow his roll, right?
  2. I would be down for a team from each. Why does the second league have the same catchers on both teams? jkrzanowski@yahoo.com. I also like team 1 on top league and team 2 on the bottom
  3. What was the host site? If ESPN or CBS i am interested jkrzanowski@yahoo.com
  4. Sure i'll get in with ya again jkrzanowski@yahoo.com. Would be nice not to be on the butt end of the draft this time LOL
  5. Can't see the settings link?? But might be interested even though thats alittle late for me to draft as i work at 4AM. jkrzanowski@yahoo.com
  6. I'd be down for this league as well but the link does not work. jkrzanowski@yahoo.com
  7. What's up with the setting on Season Acquisition limit none allowed? But the rest looks cool jkrzanowski@yahoo.com
  8. Shoot me an invite again i will take a look at the settings again jkrzanowski@yahoo.com
  9. Damm i would love a spot but hate FAB. If you change that hit me up jkrzanowski@yahoo.com
  10. Thanks for the invite, but if i want a free league i will go join 1 and draft in 5 mins. And no IR spots with the covid yikes
  11. Thanks, but not a fan of FT made as a stat or 1 IR spot and only 3 bench with the covid crap going around
  12. Would like to see the league settings jkrzanowski@yahoo.com
  13. ESPN Redraft Snake $25-$100 Standard scoring and settings jkrzanowski@yahoo.com or hit me here
  14. 4 K's and a ball off his glove 4 a homer, hello minor league camp SOON
  15. All the OF'ers hitting under .200(except meadows) you would think it would not be long
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