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  1. This is funny- Soto is not a "Rump Roast" compared to ANY player in MLB right now. Let's at LEAST see what Vlad's first "breakout" season plays out to be before using a 40 game sample to compare vs a guy who has 1200abs at 950+ OPS.
  2. Guy gives me the same vibe as Brett Lawrie, anybody remember him? Big prospect, came out firing for about a 1/4 season with a 950 ops, and then just never hit again and was out of the league 5 years later. Also a similar profile in terms of to Hiura in that neither was very good at taking BB, and struck out too much. It's why one of the most important things to look at for young hitters is their BB% and overall BB/K ratio. While it may not "count" in your fantasy league if you are doing 5x5 leagues as actual stats, it gives a very good indication just how good a players approach is
  3. Have watched some hawks game, and the guy is a really underrated real life player as well. Very high basketball IQ, he really should be starting or getting 30+ mins for some NBA team.
  4. The beast is def out to play tonight, yikes.
  5. Guy is a beast, I think we are just starting to see the best of him after being brought along slowly to make sure his foot/achilles was good. Most encouraging thing is back to back games of 37 and 39 minutes means he must be feeling very good otherwise that would never happen. His numbers are very similar to Gobert's with less blocks but also much less damage done in FTs due to less volume(and he should also be able to get closer to 60%).
  6. Don’t agree, he’ll find his way to 25 mins easily very soon with room for more. Even the announcers during the Knicks game were discussing how it’s crazy he’s not already getting the minutes and how it can’t continue for much longer. Knicks do not have enough talent for this guy not to be getting good minutes.
  7. The longer this goes on, he will certainly go past round 3 in future drafts. There's just too many issues with this guy to count on him to be a foundation for your team. Not only does he have a higher than usual injury risk factor, but now you have to significantly factor in the mental side which is just too hard to figure out. Also, the mental side can impact him on the injury side as well- if you remember last year's injury, many were saying that he could have played through his shoulder injury and it was just a pain tolerance thing. He's the type of guy who may just decide not to play t
  8. I think the main issue here is you are basing this off a very small sample this year(and quite frankly last year's 13 game sample isn't big enough either). Take a look at his larger sample rookie year- FG% was 50, 1.5 stocks total, and I'm going not to address assists because that is irrelevant for a center especially one you took pick 100+ as you can't expect that. No offense, to me it seems you are just defending your drop here- and if your signature is accurate and your main 3 centers are Plumlee, R. WIlliams, Poeltl.. you certainly dropped the wrong player.
  9. Sooo you owned him last year when he played 13 games total when he avg'd 14/7/0.9blk on 46%fg/80ft% and that was too much of a headache? These posts just really don't make sense anymore. If you want to say he's not a top player fine, but with how thin center is, I really don't agree at all and I haven't seen any factual evidence backing up this except for people on the internet expressing how they watched him and can tell.
  10. What does this mean exactly, in terms of him being a "headache"?? He ADP this year was ~110, so cost was not high. Looking at your signature, you are rostering Jakob Poeltl at C- is in he in your opinion much less of headache ?
  11. 21 year old former #2 pick who had a very solid rookie year, followed by a injury plagued 2nd year(but was still solid per game). Yet the Rotoworld forum scouts all confirmed he was a bust after 7 games in his 3rd season after ramping back up off an injury. Not saying he will be great, but plenty of upside and certainly better than many people here and other experts are giving him credit for.
  12. This guy really came here to say he was right about performance after a guy w no injury history got hurt? Really bad look for this forum
  13. This guy’s increase in efficiency has been very impressive. Curious where he settles in since 50%fg isn’t realistic. He’s also an amazing FT shooter although he doesn’t take many attempts(so far).
  14. You take what you can get from centers- they are a dying breed. He still should be able to avg 16-18ppg/7reb/1-1.5bpg... and that comes with a career 59%fg/74%ft. If he was at 9-10 rebounds per game he'd be going in the 3rd round easily, which he didn't. Still like his upside a lot at a position that is very shallow.
  15. Definitely a discouraging start to the season. With that said, as somebody mentioned earlier in the thread, he was/is still worth a shot where he was going in drafts. There’s just very few players left in the league who put up such dominant FG%/reb/blocks and even though his FT% is terrible, he doesn’t take many attempts so that’s another bonus in cat leagues. Just have to hope they are just giving him a few games to get to 100% and then he can make the impact you drafted him for.
  16. Has nothing to do with consistently scoring in the 40s since that’s not realistic. I guess league format matters as well, as many play in no turnover leagues but either way almost every top 15 guard has high turnovers. But again, you’re convinced after just his rookie year he can’t shoot 3s or get steals? If you baked in the “jump”, where did you bake it in then?
  17. It’s because some people can’t understand the “jumps” players are capable of and analyze their stats from the previous year only. This kids talent is off the charts. All I know is I’m not convinced there are even 15 players I would trade him for at this point. Some people may say this is an overreaction to one game, but I’ve watched him since his college days and I just don’t see many players who are more talented in the league right now.
  18. A bit curious how they try to manage him this year- he's had 18 months to recover from his tear which is a good thing. Does he sit out every b2b? An occasional one? He looked quite dominant last preseason game and should be a lock for top 5ish production per game. Especially in cats leagues with his 50%fg/85%+ FTs, this guy offers overall stats that really very few can match.
  19. For sure an underrated player, and a very big part of why the Raptors have been such a good team(he's a very underrated defender). Understand the age concern, but he's actually been very healthy(don't think this guy has ever had a long term injury), and there's just not enough in his profile to show any real decline in skills. You obviously can't have too many players shooting in the low 40% range, but there are plenty of other guards that tank your fg% and offer far less. The other thing is, it's been about 3 years now where people continue to find ways to be down on him, and he outperfor
  20. Understood, I guess when I think "MVP" I more associate it with his level of play which is always MVP-caliber. Getting the actual NBA mvp is subjective to wins etc and not individual play, but with that said while they don't have KD & Klay, they do have Oubre, Wiggins, and now Wiseman so far from a scrub roster. Also, Steph had his best season without KD there as his usage was much higher, which I expect to see again this year. People forget that KD is arguably the best player in the league and when you have to share a court with him things change quickly.
  21. Very bold- you are calling that a 2x MVP and best shooter of all-time could be the MVP? He's pretty much had MVP caliber seasons any time he is healthy, health is the only blocker I think most would agree.
  22. Lot of support here for Fred, but don't think it's THAT clear cut although I would also lean him over Murray/CP3/Fox CP3- for sure is the best of the group per game, but obviously the age/injury risk makes it every close. Murray- the sample is small obviously but his performance in the playoffs certainly has to make you wonder if he can make a jump this year. Fox- a strange profile overall, not a huge fan of getting low ft% and 3s but is a lock for 1.5 steals/20+ppg with great fg% and seems to have upside to grow more.
  23. This guy vs CP3 vs Fox vs Murray in around middle of round 3 to start middle of round 4, is quite hard to rank. Really depends on your needs and appetite for risk(cp3).
  24. Ummm except that "peak" Zion will probably be closer to 28ppg/10reb. He also avg'd 1.8bpg/2.1spg in college, I don't think with his athleticism it's out of the question he could avg 1bpg/1spg as well. Do agree though in cat leagues, like usual, the poor FT% tanks his value quite a bit.
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