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  1. 3 hours ago, this guy right here said:


    You understand what I'm trying to say, but you don't want to believe that your new, free toy won't produce on this team that is bad at run blocking.

    Team total 3.6YP. (31st) This includes Fitz at 5.4YP which inflates the number as he scrambles for big gains when teams are in man. No RB over 4YP

    Team total 98YPG (28th)

    Seven games played, 190ATT. Large enough sample size to say they can't run the ball. More proof.....


    Even if he's as good as people think good RBs can't do anything behind a garbage line. Barkely and Zeke now are prime examples. 


    Seems you are upset because your logic isn't tying out- you first brought up how he was only good on SF cause they can run the ball well(yet a poor runner like Coleman couldn't do well there which proves you still need talent even on a good team).


    You then brought up Breida's 3.5ypc in a meaningless sample, which anybody that knows stats, will tell you that you also can't use to prove your point.


    Now, on your 3rd attempt, you are making more sense- the Dolphins are not great at running the ball.  Nobody will debate that, and you should have started with that point.  With that said, fantasy and YPC don't always tie out and what others have mentioned about Gaskins having value explains this.  You also bringing up that he's "my new toy", has nothing to do with this- I own him in one of 4 leagues and don't plan on using him.  But people discuss guys like this because they are DESPERATE for value at the RB position and yes Breida, although injury prone, has shown when healthy and given opportunities can actually produce a bit.  Is anybody saying he's a RB1?  A guaranteed lock to produce? Nope, and it's amazing so many people need this fully explained.  Play in a 12-14 team league where half the RBs are hurt or terrible, and he is very relevant given health. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, this guy right here said:


    I did not say any RB can run for SF. I was saying Brieda was better on SF because they are a better run team. His 5.1 last year has translated to a 3.5. 

    MIA is bad at running the ball.


    Understand what you’re trying to say, but this year’s sample size is meaningless. You can’t get any meaningful data off 37 attempts across 7 games. Just a nonsense sample that means nothing since he’s barely been used. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, this guy right here said:


    Played on one of, if not the best rushing teams in the league.


    SF can certainly run the ball as well as anybody, but at the same time Coleman's YPC was 4.0 on 130+ carries, so it also makes the point invalid if you're saying anybody can run there.

  4. 1 hour ago, PlayTheWaivers said:

    Pretty upsetting to see AJ Brown literally tied with Corey Davis on fantasy points this year...not sure if Corey is enjoying some really favorable coverage here thanks to AJ and Henry. Good for him for capitalizing, but that makes me less than happy for the ROI right now lol 


    How is it possible that even for players doing very well, all people do is complain on this forum?  You are upset he had a down game where he still managed to have a TD?  You can't see how in real life football he may not be the only one the team uses based on coverage/game script etc?  Man, people want the perfect players and have a really detached sense of how the game works. 

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  5. 20 minutes ago, PlayTheWaivers said:


    How is it not always on Wentz? His team was healthier this week, and the Cowboys just let Antonio freaking Gibson put up 130 yards and Kyle allen almost throw for 300 last week. Kyle Allen

    Don't care if Vander Esch and Sean Lee were back. Those don't magically turn your defense into a 4 turnover juggernaut. Wentz just doesn't get rid of the ball, holds onto it too long, inaccurate when he can't be, and is just making poor decision after poor decision.

    This was supposed to be a 15-17 pt lock this week minimum. Instead, got 8 pts. Like most of you all, I was counting on him as a bye-week fill in and was excited about him long term this season as the team's healthier.

    Just turns out that Wentz is just trash and he will let you down when you need him most. Therefore, drop. 


    Wentz is not trash, the problem is after you play fantasy for a while you learn that the "matchup" only means so much.  People think "oh they are playing Dallas or Seattle, that's a lock for top 10 production", just doesn't work that way.


    With 6pt passing TDs in my leagues, Wentz was the QB9 leading into this week.  That's about where he was drafted, and also probably where he will finish around(give or take).  The problem is, all back-end QB1s will have down games, and if you think you can predict those just based on matchups, you are wrong.  Either pay up to get the very elite QBs(and even they have bad games), or this is the game you play all year.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, iamkoza said:


    yup 50-50 time share at best for sure, might as well pencil him in as a rb3/4 flex type when he returns /sarcasm

    50/50 at best if Mixon is healthy? LOL this forum is hilarious. 

    Edit: sorry missed sarcasm lol 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, vthokie3 said:

    I hope he sits (own him in 2 of 3 leagues) as I'd rather him get the extra 10 days. That being said if he's back now that's great


    I don't hope he sits, at all lol.  The Panthers are 3-4, do you really think they'd rush him back to play on thursday night if he wasn't 100%?  There is no logic to rush him back, and he's missed 5 weeks which is a completely acceptable time frame for the injury.  But sure, keep "hoping" he sits another week, haha. 

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  8. 29 minutes ago, MonsterMan said:

    The J E T S are a mess.

    You will never play him especially as we get closer to fake playoffs. Stash him for the one day he does go off and at least that way he was on your bench and not someone else's lineup.


    Again, this isn't sound reasoning.  Who will never play him?  Anybody in 12+ team leagues looking for 10+ points after all these injuries and lack of RBs, can certainly play him if his role sticks or continues to grow.


    To put things in perspective, with 13.5 points this week he was RB 17 in PPR, and the injuries just keep piling up this this week.  The cost should also be close to nothing at this point as well.  

  9. With the state of RB, this guy shouldn't be ignored.  Keep hearing "bad team" and "Gase" etc. but nobody is saying he is going to be a RB1.  Obviously far from a sure thing- but go take a look how the back end RB2 and RB3s look, and then tell me ANY guy who's getting 15 touches can't creep into that territory.  If Jets keep playing from behind, it plays into Perine's strength even more(receiving).   Obviously need to see more, but would pick up in any deep league since almost every owner needs RB help in 12+ team leagues.

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  10. Tough spot to be in with Jacobs this week.  On the one hand, he's a featured back and in any kind of 12+ team league most people just don't have enough depth to bench a featured back.


    On the other hand, Tampa run D hasn't allowed more than 34 yards rushing in the last 4 games to any one player they have faced.  And that player was Jamal Williams who had one long run for 29(think this may have been in garbage time too but not sure), but Aaron Jones was held to 15 yards on 10 carries which is insane.  If you have watched Tampa play lately- they have been beyond impressive facing the run, and now Oakland is going to start all bench players against their front 7?  

  11. On 10/16/2020 at 11:51 PM, Mrmann1 said:

    Idk man if anything I feel Davis is proving the 'rbs don't matter' argument. I think they save CMC for the playoffs, ease him in.... Davis should be flex valuable all season. 

    Lol some funny takes here. 4 good games in his career vs arguably the best running back in the NFL over the last 2 seasons, and people make these comments. 

    Save him for the playoffs? They are a 3-3 team who has not looked special at all. What are you talking about? You think they can coast into the playoffs with Mike Davis? You don’t “save” a 64 million dollar RB. If he’s healthy, he plays and plays a lot.  This is a simple one not sure how there can be so many off the wall comments. 

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  12. 2 minutes ago, next big thing cp84 said:


    Dolphins offering something KC cannot. 

    KC is estimated to be over the cap by 22m next year, so at best they can give him a one year close to vet minimum deal. He would then test FA market again as a 29 year old RB. 

    MIA offering multi year deal with higher salary. (Important to note MIA just made Jordan Howard a healthy inactive this weekend in their 43-17 win against SF and that Bell and Howard have the same agent, so they could sign Bell and release Howard in the same phone call.)


    Guess we will find out whether Bell wants to chase a ring then test FA again in 2021 alongside other RBs like Gurley, Drake, Fournette, Aaron Jones (bet he stays in GB) and Phillip Lindsay. 


    Don't let Bell fool you- he doesn't care about chasing a ring and only wants money.  If he cared, he would not have sat out 2018 for a team that was a contender that offered him 14 mil to play under the tag.  A player that has a real desire to "win", does not do that. 

  13. On 10/12/2020 at 2:06 AM, Klientel said:

    I remember when I was a naive first time Mixon owner...


    much simpler times 


    There is nothing really naive about owning him- he's exactly what you thought you would get.  

    He's currently the RB8 in my PPR league.  On pace for 1196 rushing a little more than 6 rushing tds, 60 catches for 393 receiving yards and 3 receiving TDs. 


    So a total pace of 1589 yards with about 9 rushing+receiving TDs with 60 catches.  The only knock on him, along with about 90% of fantasy players, is week to week consistency.  That's how it goes- go look at Julio Jones game logs who continues to be a top 15 pick every year even though he is madly inconsistent.  He is a back end RB1, who has totaled about ~1500 yards w 8 TDs the past 2 years and is on pace for the same this year with more catches than usual.  The sooner people understand how numbers and what a back end RB1 looks like, the sooner they will stop complaining when said player is doing exactly what's expected of him.  You pay up to get ANY kind of RB production and durability as well(no serious injuries at all since he's been in the league, knock on wood), that's how the game goes.   

  14. 1 hour ago, BallinOnnaBudget said:

    I love JJ, what a stud. 

    However he's a rookie with two solid games now on tape. Defenses will start keying on him and he's likely to hit a rough patch. 

    I feel like he's the 2020 Scary Terry McLaurin who I also owned. Terry as my WR3 helped get me to the playoffs. However, these rookie guys aren't necessarily Set and Forgets. Terry had some matchups where I benched him. As JJ keeps growing, there will undoubtably be some CB1s that shadow him all day and handoff Thielen to the CB2. 

    So as much as I love the kid, I wouldn't be confident with him as my WR2. I think on a championship team he's best fit is as a WR3/4 that can help out with injuries/byes/matchups.


    How many guys are really set and forget? Especially when they have bad matchups/elite CBs on them, almost any WR in the NFL can have a down game.  With that said he has the talent I think to easily be a top 25 WR going forward.  Thielen is a VERY good WR who will require serious attention as long as he is on the field, and they have Cook who also needs to be constantly worried about. Also, after putting up 175 yards and torching a defense the week before, you can bet  I don't see any way he's a WR4, that's pushing it and WR3 I'd say is his floor at this point.  This all depends on league size(I'm going off 12 team league) cause of course in 8-10 team leagues everybody has stacked players.  But saying he is a injury/bye/matchup only guy, don't think that's accurate at all in any kind of deep league. 

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  15. Kid is a stud and with Minny's trash D, they will be forced to throw in many games.  I'd say he can easily land in WR2 range, and really there is almost no point in trading him because at best you will probably get a WR2 or RB3 back with less upside than him.  


    I'd be curious to know how many rookie WRs ever have had 2 100+ yard games in their first 4 career starts..

  16. Another disappointing year(or 60 games) for Vlad Jr.


    The profile just doesn't look great that's the main problem, he still has a lot of work to do.  183 total games now sitting at ~780OPS and almost 2:1 K:BB ratio.   He's shown some flashes here and there, but overall given his pedigree he's been very ordinary.  Could take some time but I don't think anybody would have expected this average of a start to his career. 

  17. 7 minutes ago, gbill2004 said:

    It's called a highly speculative guess. You're clearly uneducated. 

    Go look up what “highly speculative” means.  This is a family death, where millions and millions of people have dealt with over and over again(including myself). 0 precedent for what you’re arguing in pro sports. It’s always hard to deal with death, but unfortunately if you’re an adult with responsibilities and need to support a family(most likely you are a teenager in your Mom’s basement so you probably can’t relate), you get back to normal life in a much quicker time frame than 3-4 months when your salary is on the line.  I’m done responding. Go ask your Mom if the meatloaf is done. 

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