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  1. 4 minutes ago, gbill2004 said:

    You have no clue how he's going to deal with this.  Everyone is different.  I'd agree he's likely to return, but he may not.  Several athletes opted out of the season because of health reasons regarding COVID and their family.  Not the same, but it does happen for various reasons.  We will just have to wait and see re. White - it's looking like he's going to now miss at least 2 games.  But thanks for your useless speculation.  

    It’s called a highly educated opinion, based off how life in general works. Meanwhile all you are giving is that I have no idea how he will cope. Now I remember why I stopped coming to these forums, people like you who want to argue a point that is 99% accurate, just because I can’t fully “prove” it. Go for it , “guy”, have fun on the internet. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, gbill2004 said:

    I would agree.  You don't seem to understand the difference between speculation and fact.  

    Did I at any point say it’s a 100% fact? Sorry let me clarify since you are so caught up in 100% fact vs “speculation”. There is a 99.99% chance James White returns this season, which was the question. Do you have any example in recent sports history where an athlete being paid millions for the season forgoes pay to sit out to grieve that long? Would love to hear it. But hey you’re right, he could be the first ever. 

  3. 1 minute ago, gbill2004 said:

    Unless you know White personally, you have no clue what you're talking about. Pure speculation. 

    I do know what I’m talking about, because I have something called common sense. All company/corporation/businesses have polices around this. They will gladly give him some time away from the team, but If he asked to take the season off he would no longer get paid at a certain point just like any regular person wouldn’t if they told their job they aren’t coming in for a 4 months. And for somebody that has a family and is being paid well, he will be back sooner than later. This is just how life works, and when it happens feel free to come back here and confirm it. 



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  4. 17 hours ago, gbill2004 said:

    Any chance White is out for the season?

    What kind of question is this? Why would he sit out 13 more weeks? Have you ever seen athletes take a year off for a family member passing? This forum is going down the drains if you need this explained. 

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  5. This is why there is no point listening to so called fantasy "experts".  His consensus rank, was about 12-15 overall.  It was quite clear how special he was at his age 20 season(and yes I posted this before the season started too).  Almost nobody in the game has had age 19 and age 20 seasons like Juan Soto had, yet every major projection had him for pretty much the same exact year.  Do people think players hit their ceiling and top out at age 20?  Didn't see once major projection putting him at .325/40/130 which was very reasonable based off what we saw last year, and even in the playoffs with him further showing his poise. 

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  6. You can certainly "argue" Barkley over CMC, but it doesn't make much sense on paper. He's too young to worry about usage, plus he does very well not taking hard contact. 

    No injury risk at all yet, and even more impressive he put up 116 catches and 2400 yards with a QB situation that cannot be any worse. In full PPR, you simply cannot fade a guy who has AVERAGED 100 catches per season for his first 3 years in the league.  

    That doesn't mean it's not possible Saquan can't be better, there just isn't much logic behind it(half ppr/non ppr def. makes thing much closer though).


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  7. 7 hours ago, n4sa said:

    I like him, but not with Tyrod. I doubt Tyrod is even their QB halfway through the season. This is an easy fade for me.

    Agree that Tyrod is a downgrade as I noted in this thread, but the discount is baked into the cost. He was a perennial top 25 pick and is now going pick 50-60 overall. At that spot, he can easily go 80/1000 and be worth it. 80/1000 is about 20% less than his normal production. I don’t see how he doesn’t hit those numbers with his talent.  

  8. Allen is an interesting case.  You are definitely getting a nice discount- but there is a reason for that.

    Allen has never played a SINGLE snap with any other QB outside of Rivers.  In that time, Rivers has attempted ~600 passer per year for ~4500 yards/30td a season.  Tyrod is definite downgrade who has career highs of 436 passing attempts, 20 tds, and 3000 passing yards.  On top of this, WR is extremely deep hence his ADP being where it is.  

    Not trying to rain on people's parade, but believe the ADP is relatively fair based on the QB downgrade. With that said, he is a safe player and does have upside to match his stats if he hogs the targets.


  9. 3 hours ago, EmbargoLifted said:

    I don't think I've ever seen a hitter batting .400/.500/.950 before .. 

    ZiPS has his rest of season projection up to .310/.424/.613 

    This guy is basically being viewed as Mike Trout's equal in terms of raw offensive output now. 

    The future is bright in Washington. 


    I have seen a hitter- his name was Barry Bonds haha.  Full season slash of .362/.609/.812- good for a 1422 OPS for a FULL season.  And yes I know he has the PED thing, just saying it needs a reminder sometimes to realize JUST what an absurd season(s) that guy had. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, AngryBeavers said:

    Sitting two straight days. - kind of frustrating, but he has been a force when he has been in there. 

    not sure I would classify 1hr/6rbi/700ops as a “force” this year haha. But the .300avg is nice.  The AVG will always be there with him, but I think last years power was a fluke. 

  11. Just now, EmbargoLifted said:

    In Yahoo's fantasy baseball platform you have a 60 game maximum for each position (in most leagues). 

    If a player plays both games in a double header, I believe Yahoo's counts this as TWO games against your maximum.

    I don't see what the benefit is of playing a player in a double header (you get TWO games of 7 innings which is one less AB per game) unless I'm missing something...?

    no, it does not count as a double game so that is the benefit. 

  12. 3 hours ago, jfazz23 said:


    Do you think Tatis is a top 3 pick next year?  does he leapfrog Yelich? Trout? acuna?

    Does he have the talent to be top 3? Certainly. The issue is we won’t have enough games this year, and we also didn’t get enough last year(due to injury) to fully see how he can hold up over 162 games- both health wise and statistically- which is important for paying that much and competing with guys like Trout, Yelich, Mookie, etc who have many top notch finishes and strong health record(and then Acuna too). Although top 3 is also dependent on what kind of years those guys mentioned also have. So it may be hard for him to jump to top 3 unless he’s really on an absurd pace(would say close to 20/20ish in 60 games) this year. But I’d say for sure he jumps into end of first round as long as he doesn’t suffer a serious injury. 

  13. 2 hours ago, EmbargoLifted said:

    Did you read my last post above ? he's been cleared by the state of Washington already.

    I think the last hurdle is getting warmed up a bit, he missed most of spring training, and they probably want to give him a few intrasquad practice games.

    Hopefully I'm wrong and they throw him right back in the line up come tomorrow, but I doubt it.

    Him being cleared is one thing, but it doesn’t address my question- why are “DC health officials” involved? I haven’t heard anywhere that anybody outside of MLB is involved with player decisions. 

  14. One thing I’m not following here- so he cleared MLB’s protocols to return to play, but he’s “waiting on approval from DC health officials”??? 

    I don’t understand this, does anybody else? So state health officials need to have final sign off on MLB players returning? I have not seen that mentioned anywhere else, would love to know more on this because if that’s a final hurdle it’s going to delay guys all season long. 

  15. 18 hours ago, My Dinner With Andre said:

    I remember when I went all in Evan Longoria and Kris Bryant after superlative sophomore seasons...


    Spoiler: didn’t work out the greatest

    All things aren’t equal. Longoria and Bryant both debuted at age 23. Soto debuted at 20(maybe 19?). Not only was he 3 years younger in his development path, but he had a greater OPS and BB numbers in his age 21 season than Longoria or Bryant posted in their entire careers. Longoria has actually never been close to Soto in terms of hitting profile, but Bryant has with some seasons nearing 100bb.  With that said, any 21 year old hitter who can post a 950ops/108bb is beyond special.  His profile at his age is pretty much unmatched in this history of the game, which is why people feel so safe taking him early as you just do not see this kind of approach at the plate at this age.


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  16. 13 hours ago, Brye said:

    I did with the 21st pick in a 10 team then went josh Jacobs and Mark Ingram with 4th and 5th round


    I’m a huge supporter of Kittle this year.  I was arguing w folks in the AB thread that I feel more comfortable w him over AB. He’s just one of those guys that because he only did it for one year- everybody is trying to pick apart his stats and yell regression. 

    PFF graded him as the best TE in the league last year(yes ahead of Kelce who was #2) and every metric was record breaking territory for him, including YAC where he led the entire NFL including all WRs.  


    Some people argue that he didn’t play enough w Jimmy G and Jimmy won’t throw to TEs as much. I don’t really buy it- he’s the most talented receiving weapon by far on the team and Jimmy G should be an upgrade at QB. 

    Whenever a guy only has one season of success, there’s always going to be some questions- but to me he is very close to Kelce in value and I have no problem taking him after the elite WR tier and maybe Evans/Cook as well. Some of this should also depend on your league and strategy- meaning do you have guys later on you know you can pick to fill in your roster, and does your league value TEs highly- if so he’s well worth a pick because having an elite TE is a huge edge that MAYBE 5-6 teams tops will have while the others stream crap. 


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  17. 1 hour ago, yanksman said:

    I doubt many people would take Kittle over Brown so its kind of a silly debate.

    Fantasy pros which is 107 experts combined has AB at 22 and Kittle at 25 so not sure what’s silly about it unless you’re going to say the consensus of 107 experts isn’t close at all. 

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  18. 31 minutes ago, AirForceOne said:

    A few key points:
    Winston and Carr's career trajectory to this point have been nearly opposite. Carr has improved each year, Winston has gotten worse. A better coach? That's debatable. Arians offenses have clicked when he's had a good QB. Carson Palmer. Big Ben. Anrdew Luck. Winston is not close to those guys, and they brought in Blaine Gabbert (who already knows Arians' system) as a backup. What's Evans' stat line going to look like with Gabbert at QB? Evans is sharing targets with breakout candidates Godwin and OJ Howard, where Brown is the unquestioned focal point of the offense.

    Allen, while he doesn't have the QB issues, he's on a clear decline. Maybe the injuries he sustained early in his career are catching up to him. Maybe the emergence of Mike Williams and Travis Benjamin have Rivers' spreading the ball around more. Henry Hunter is coming back this year, and there's a decent chance Allen finishes with under 1000 yards.

    Meanwhile, AB is in great shape despite the drama, and still has a lot left in the tank. It's fair and reasonable to expect a slight drop off going from Big Ben to Carr, but there's no question Brown is by far the most talented player on that roster. He has very little competition for targets, and an ascending QB (career high completion percentage and yards last year).

    And yes... I believe Pettis, Samuel and Goodwin are an improvement over Bourne, Trent Taylor and a 40yr old Pierre Garcon. 


    It's an easy decision. 


    Except Goodwin and Pettis both played 12 games last year, and were both terrible. Zero reports of either of them looking good at all this year, actually reports that Pettis is lost. And Samuel is a rookie- and we know most rookies don’t make impacts. Point is, Kittle was and still is clearly the best target on that team.  I don’t want to derail this thread though so I’ll drop out after this- but all I said is at his 21/22 overall ADP- which is what it’s up to again- I see a lot of red flags. The main being going from one of the best offense and long ball throwers to the worst. Would I be shocked if he still has a good season? Not at all, just saying for the risk adverse there are other options that worst case I don’t think he will outproduce by much, if at all. 

  19. 54 minutes ago, AirForceOne said:


    Ha... no, I traded for him.
    Got him for next to nothing, because guys like you want dudes like Evans & Allen -- even though they are more expensive and arguably just as risky.

    As for Kittle, there were quite a few circumstances that led to his 'breakout' -- a dearth of receiving options and awful QB play at the top of the list.
    If you're counting on him to repeat, I'd say there's a high probability of a letdown. There's no way in hell I'd take him over Antonio Brown. 


    Just nothing you say makes sense to be honest, and I figured you had him since you are clearly biased. 


    As for your statements- Allen and Evans are all going in the same range, so nope not more expensive they are the same cost.  Care to explain how they are also just as risky? I see Evans being younger, and having 5 straight seasons of 1000+ yards and now also having a better coach. He’s also never hurt and drama free. Allen was injury prone for a bit, but is coming off 2 straight seasons of 95+ catches/1100+ yards with 0 games missed, is younger, and in a much better offense and much better QB. 


    As for Kittle, lack of receiving depth you say last year- so you think that now seems to be fixed this year somehow with Pettis and Goodwin as their 1/2? Could arguably be the worst starting receiver combo in the league, and Pettis has been horrible all preseason and the staff has said they don’t even know if he deserves the starting spot. Kittle is clearly their best option, and you could very well argue that Jimmy G coming back should up his TD total(and most understand that 5tds In 80+/1300+ yards is fluky), even if his yards do come slightly down. 


    So again, I don’t understand your reasoning  


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