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  1. You must have drafted AB, that’s what normally happens on these forums. And again, nobody is saying he can’t do it again the point was guys like Allen/Evans certainly do have dependable resumes and have much less question marks. And if you ignoring a 25 year old who set the all-time yards record at TE in his first season being featured, and led the league in yards after catch- then you either are reading too many “regression” articles or just aren’t watching games. Kid is a monster.
  2. While I think he has upside, I’m not quite sure I buy into his late 2nd/early 3rd ADP just yet. 1)Team change- I’m seeing most projections still having him at 100/1200/10, but how do we know he can do this on a new team + downgrade at QB. Every stat shows that Ben loves to throw deep, and Carr is one of the worst downfield guys in the league. My 2nd point regarding the team, why couldn’t they figure out how to use Cooper here correctly? I get Cooper is not an AB level talent, but we also saw Cooper got to Dallas and instantly be more valuable. 2)Age- I am not a fan of
  3. In a 12 team league, at pick 20 there is probably close to no chance that Chubb, Conner, or Gurley make it back to 20th pick in the 2nd. Not to mention, Gurley is easily more of a question mark than DJ at this point. Overall point is, guys like Conner and Chubb are most likely not going to be there to pair with that WR you take in round 1, but there will certainly be a nice WR left to pair with DJ.
  4. Anybody stashing in redrafts? Definitely struggling since he’s been sent back down
  5. The start of this season is nowhere near a large enough sample to draw any real conclusions from. If you want to say it’s a concern after last season, that would be reasonable. But you didn’t do that, you pulled all numbers form THIS season only, and said he is done cause they are all career worsts.
  6. So let me get this straight- you are comparing his “career samples” and other “full years” to a 16 game sample to come to the conclusion he is done? That is quite interesting, and makes close to no sense. If you checked any guy who is extremely struggling right now vs their career numbers, they would look done. Point is, a 16 game sample is close to meaningless. Not saying he will be fine or he is done either way, but that is certainly not the way to come to the conclusion.
  7. Is this accurate? They went 67-15 last year, so you’re saying they were undefeated when Steph played? That would be amazing if true, but feel like we would have heard more about that if so.
  8. Running this back this year for the 3rd year. 100% legit, many people can confirm. Draft is Sunday March 25th at 2pm EST. Will play with 12 teams only, first to pay will get the spots. Same details mentioned above. 5 currently paid in leaguesafe.
  9. Just 1 spot left- can't guarantee it will be available for long, but if you let me know and get paid first it's yours.
  10. Bump- had to move draft one more time to 10/12(Thursday) @9pm EST- this will be the official time/day. 7 unpaid spots left- they will fill but whoever joins and pays can have first crack.
  11. Recruiting for my league again, first come first serve like usual. 3rd year running, all funds held through leaguesafe and 100% paid out. 8 cats(no turnovers). Already have a few paid, and it will fill quickly- I’ve been running multiple sports for many years with people here, no questions on whether this is legit or not, so if you want in request an invite and pay ASAP. It will fill for sure. Have it at 18 teams so I can send out more invites, but it will be 12 teams max. Details below: Yahoo Fantasy
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