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  1. 17 minutes ago, Chippa said:

    I dont believe that. pretty sure he averaged 1ypc against Baltimore on sunday. That offensive line isnt helping anyone


    haha- why do people keep bringing this up? 8 carries is a nonsense sample- it means nothing.  Yes, we get it, the line didn't do good and he got stuffed. But to keep harping on this like it's a sign what will happen every game is completely false.  You know how many games guys get stuffed on 3-5 runs in a row?  He is a special talent- the line is obviously not ideal, but it won't stop him from being very fantasy relevant sooner than later.  

  2. 1 hour ago, Mickey Donovan said:



    And eventually some people will understand in a H2H league when production comes matters. 


    The amount of players who get their production perfectly evenly over the 6 months of a baseball season is incredibly low. If you take a look at splits, almost every guy is crushing it in certain months and then cooling substantially over other months. Some splits are more extreme than others, but they exist for almost every player.   "When" it comes in h2h matters, but when one guy is cold you most likely have others that are hot. You will never have an entire roster hot at the same time. My original post back in June was in response to everybody saying how badly he sucked and was certainly having a down year, when in reality a skilled fantasy player would have been buying everywhere possible. 

  3. On 6/1/2017 at 9:49 AM, SportsBrain said:


    Go visit the Joey Votto thread last year, was hitting ~.210 last year when June started with all the similar reactions as to here- "this isn't a normal slump, I'm watching and something is wrong, etc" 


    He then finished the season hitting .325.  I'm not saying Machado will finish at .325 and go on that exact steak- but is there really this many people who don't realize how streaky baseball is?  He has PLENTY of time to still finish with 1st-2nd round value.  Buy low everywhere you can, end of story. 


    Just quoting myself- eventually people will understand how baseball works, hopefully. 

  4. Going to start one more league since my other filled quickly and I wouldn't mind doing one more high stakes. 


    The basics- PPR/12 teams/Yahoo with a nice chunk of the payout going to regular season which I always favor. 


    All funds held through leaguesafe with majority approval. 


    I literally am just starting this- but with the posts I've seen in this forum and from people I've spoken to, don't see any issues being able to fill it. So first come first serve on the spots. 




    12 teams = $9,000 prize pool

    Reg Season Champ - $1,575
    Reg Season Runner Up - $ 900
    Most pts weeks 1-13 - $1,575
    2nd Most pts - $ 900

    Playoff Champ - $1,500
    Runner Up - $1,200
    3rd place - $ 850
    4th place - $ 500


    Plenty of people here have done my leagues- guaranteed to be legit. 

  5. League is yahoo, I will send you the link.  The spots will go fast now that I have started reaching out to people so whoever pays first gets them.


    In my opinion, hard to find leagues for high stakes that have payout structure like this that ensure luck is removed as much as possible and the best teams are paid out.  Have also run multiple leagues with members here and you can search and be guaranteed nobody has a complaint.

  6. Running this league again this year if anybody is interested.  First to pay can have the spots, below are payouts.  Settings will remain the same as in my original post from last year.  Also we use $1000 FAAB for waivers-


    Draft Date: Friday 8/25, 9pm EST


    Official Payouts

    Regular Season:

    1st place- 2000
    2nd place- 1000

    Most overall points- 1000
    2nd overall points- 750
    3rd overall points- 500
    (Overall points is just for regular season)

    Playoffs Winner: 750


  7. To give you an idea he's already sitting on waivers in a couple of my leagues, and has been picked up and then dropped in those leagues a couple of times too.  These are both 12 team leagues that are competitive. 


    I don't completely doubt he can get hot and go on a tear- but the issue becomes at the expense of what player are you rostering him?  The amount of power available this year(record pace in home runs) means you need to be very selective who you are sitting on for too long.  When you factor in a crowded roster(he hasn't played in 3 out of the last 4 games) it's just not an easy player to roster right now.  

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