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  1. Rosenthal will be the closer very soon, if not immediately. He has looked great lately and the advanced metrics show he has outpitched his actual era/whip all year. Scoop him up immediately if you need saves.
  2. It does matter a lot actually- he got squeezed really badly. That's the difference between looking at a stat line, and actually watching a baseball game. He had at least 4-5 pitches called balls in the first inning along they were all strikes. Gibbons and Sanchez were both very frustrated and it's his first start off the DL, against the #1 offense in baseball. He was definitely rusty, not saying he would have dominated with proper strikes called- but anybody actually watching saw that it wasn't as bad as the box score. One of the best ways to win fantasy leagues- watch the actual games.
  3. Actually he's a career .280 hitter over 6000+ plate appearances. But hey, if you are using the small 2 injured year sample, you have a point. Now I remember why I don't read these forums anymore- people blindy posting with nothing to back it up.
  4. I think the bigger issue here is people have seen how massive his slumps have been- and we have no track record to see just what it takes for him to snap out of these. Basically, we have never seen him adjust OUT of a slump fully just yet- last year he never did it, so now we have to sit back and see how long this takes. He is hitting .176 w 1 hr 4rbi and a 658 ops in the month of June in 16 games- that is quite ugly. For a normal proven hitter, not as big of a deal. For an unproven hitter with no real track record except also struggling through huge slumps- a much bigger deal. Everybody
  5. Def the best pitcher in the game- although for at least last night, hard to use that argument when he allowed 6er & 4 home runs- was obviously not on point last night.
  6. At this point- it's basically very dangerous to start anybody vs Judge and the Yankees. Guy is on pace for almost 60 home runs and just not slumping at all right now. Maybe if/when he hits a slump along with a few other Yankees it will be easier to use pitchers vs them- until then you're playing with fire.
  7. Go visit the Joey Votto thread last year, was hitting ~.210 last year when June started with all the similar reactions as to here- "this isn't a normal slump, I'm watching and something is wrong, etc" He then finished the season hitting .325. I'm not saying Machado will finish at .325 and go on that exact steak- but is there really this many people who don't realize how streaky baseball is? He has PLENTY of time to still finish with 1st-2nd round value. Buy low everywhere you can, end of story.
  8. I think it tries to save spots for old teams that haven't renewed.. give me a few mins to change the max teams setting and invite you again
  9. Running this league for the 2nd time on Yahoo, as well as many leagues I run for other sports. 100% payout, and very competitive. Currently have 12 teams in, but 6 paid. If people are interested, let me know- the remaining 6 spots will be first come, first serve. All money held through leaguesafe, majority approval for payout at end of season. 100% legit and people in my league can speak for that as they are returning members. Daily waivers w $1000 budget, snake draft, draft date is Saturday April 1st at 2pm Est. Interested or any questions, let me know.
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