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  1. Running this league for the 2nd time on Yahoo, as well as many leagues I run for other sports. 100% payout, and very competitive. Currently have 12 teams in, but 6 paid. If people are interested, let me know- the remaining 6 spots will be first come, first serve. 

    All money held through leaguesafe, majority approval for payout at end of season. 100% legit and people in my league can speak for that as they are returning members. 

    Daily waivers w $1000 budget, snake draft, draft date is Saturday April 1st at 2pm Est. 

    Interested or any questions, let me know. 

  2. Looking to fill a 12 team $500 PPR league in Yahoo. The money will be held in leaguesafe, and will be 100% legit. Snake draft that's currently set for Friday August 28th, 8pm- this can be moved if there's a date that works better for everybody. I've already run a basketball & baseball league with RW members for high stakes buy ins that have run very smoothly. 


    Rosters will look like the below- 


    1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB, 1 WR/RB/TE


    8 bench spots


    I pay out 100% of what's entered so I'm doing this to have fun and run legit leagues. Majority of the pot will go to regular season- probably 4.5k/1.5k split for regular/postseason. I don't believe in rewarding a 3 week playoff over a 13 week regular season so the payout structure will definitely stay favoring the regular season. The actual payouts and structure- I always put up a few options for the league to vote on if they aren't happy with the default, but something like the blow:


    regular season:

    1st- 3k 

    2nd- 1k 

    3rd 500


    post season:

    1st- 1k

    3nd- 500


    There's already 5 people in the league right now- just starting to send out invites. The first teams that pay will get the actual spots. 


    Any questions, let me know. 



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