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  1. I would honestly be better with Odorizzi and Paxton rather than Bauer.
  2. That is what is being reported. Didn’t know Biggio played 3B for the last 10 of 13 games and in the playoffs. If Semien plays like it is 2019 the Jays have a killer lineup going especially if Kirk takes over at C.
  3. Ottavino to the Redsox. Does he close or is it still Barnes?
  4. He would get a huge boost if he gets traded to the Jays especially if they play in Dunedin. Word in Toronto is there have been discussions with the Cubs on Bryant and Hendricks.
  5. Can’t this be said for every team out there? How many had SP’s that threw more than 70IP? Heck, deGrom threw 68, does that mean he he going to be limited?
  6. I can still view our league and my team. I did notice I had to go about it a different way then normal a few days ago though.
  7. Not if you look at the numbers. Teo was better across the board with exception of k% and average by 10 points. Teo had way more HR’s, SB, and a better OBP. Now I am not saying that if I was offered Bo for Teo that I wouldn’t jump at that but I am just saying numbers wise Teo did pretty good all round except for the k% which he did decrease by 3-4% last year. If he didn’t make any changes then I would say fluke and short season but I tend to look more when somebody has improved and they actually made mechanical changes to get better.
  8. Way to take the absolute worst numbers you could find. His K% was down 3%, slugging % up 100 points, OPS up 150. His numbers were up across the board which is why he was voted one of MLB Networks most improved players. Numbers aside if you actually watched his AB’s this passes year you could see he was a completely different hitter. He was the most dangerous hitter the Jays had and probably still is.
  9. A .340 OBP isn’t that bad. I wouldn’t look at career numbers with him as he made changes to his swing last off season that showed tremendous improvement and he wasn’t striking out as much. He was seeing the ball much better have changing his swing. 2020 is a small sample size but he looked good last year.
  10. Now on the taxi squad. Could be replacing Reese McQuire very shortly. Was excellent in spring training. Lots of power with a good average. Don’t expect any SB’s.
  11. Except Quantrill came back in the trade which could be bad for Plesac again.
  12. Hearing the Jays are open to not playing that game either.
  13. The only solace may be is the fact he said he was feeling better in the morning. See what 10 days of rest does.
  14. Trade him to Miami, that will get his attention.
  15. Struck out all 3 times. I don’t think he even got a foul tip. Rosters go back to 28 on Thursday, wonder if he will be one of the cuts.
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