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  1. All this talk about PIT wanting Bell back is overblown.
  2. TD dependent RB2? He is RB 11 in STD and RB 12 in PPR.
  3. Practiced in full again today and off the injury report! Hopefully he moves past this and gets things rolling. Between weeks 4-14 he'll face the bengals (2x), miami, chargers, cards, and the colts. All rank near the bottom half against the run. Browns 2x in there too who currently rank about mid-pack.
  4. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/09/odell-beckham-jr-says-hip-prevents-him-opening-up-and-sprinting-but-confident-the-adrenalin-will-take-over-vs-titans.html Concerning, personally not overreacting yet. He's not on the injury report and has been practicing in full.
  5. You called me out for saying Hightower's usage tanked, not Ingram. Ingram went off in week 9 and I said Hightower's usage tanked after that so we're talking about weeks 10-15. Hightower's usage in weeks 8-9: 49 carries, avg of 21.7 carries per game Hightower's usage in weeks 10-15: 54 carries, avg of 9 carries per game (60% less carries)
  6. Hightower had 49 carries in weeks 8 & 9. He had 62 total carries for weeks 10-16.
  7. Hightower took over for a single game after Ingram fumbled early in the first quarter following a costly 4th quarter fumble the previous game. Ingram bounced back with 170+ all-purpose yards the following game. Hightower's usage tanked from that point on. Who do you get your information from? You speak like you know things that no one outside the organization could possibly know.
  8. He fumbled late in the 4th quarter against KC when the game was on the line in 2016. Early in the 1st quarter of the following game he fumbled again and was benched for the remainder of that game. He didn't let the ball touch the ground again the remainder of 2016. He actually had 158 yards rushing on 15 carries the game after being benched. He doesn't need a ton of volume to do damage, especially against TB. He has had a couple of seasons without any fumbles but has avg. 1-2 per season throughout his career. Nothing to lead anyone to say he has a ball protection problem. IMO, the
  9. Could not disagree more with this take. What are you looking at that leads you to believe this? Literally, no one that is close to the organization is saying this and if anything they're saying the complete opposite. Some even going as far as saying Blount's ineffectiveness is the reason the organization traded for Ajayi. Blount's role is about to nosedive, no doubt about it.
  10. Adam knows PHI better than anyone. Huge boost to Ajayi's value moving forward. No doubt he will have fewer opportunities but his efficiency should skyrocket in this offense.
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