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  1. Yeah you could pair him with joc ( before the Cubs ruined him) and get good numbers
  2. Was just recently given a chump designation by rotobalker I think...not a champ
  3. Next highest was $361 so glad 🙂 went big
  4. Spent $571 and got him...have $400 left for the year so hopefully he was the best guy dropped
  5. Anyway to cheat on yahoo faab process? if I bid $100 for a player z and drop player x and also bid $50 for player z and drop player y will it always take my highest bid regardless of order and the fact that I am dropping two different players?
  6. I would drop Wade Davis if you start 4 OF and get Destalfani...Locastro just tied consecutive record of stolen bases without getting caught
  7. Players go on waivers everyday and can be picked up for $0
  8. 12. Team ...5x5 ...my team sucks and can’t hit a baseball
  9. Ketal marte dropped ...how much of $1000 season budget would you spend in redraft ?
  10. At least wait until warm weather in coors
  11. I thought gimenez getting it would be big news...tucker started off slow last year
  12. Yeah him and arozrana have been my worse picks. Never pay for last years stats with a 30%+ k rate
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