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  1. so are you definetively telling me you do not or have NEVER supported ANY mainstream artists??? I could have sworn you said you went from the golden era of hip hop, then onto mainstream after that. well the golden era of hip hop ie biggie, pac, Tribe, nas, pun, wu, outkast...they all sold out plenty of times over...

    so is that correct to say you don't support ANY artist who's been in the mainstream??

    to each's own i guess. but if you ask me which I'd who I'd rather listen to, some classic Andre3000, biggie, nas, etc or el-p, vinnie paz, buck 65 etc just cuz the former "sold out" on a few hit singles...lol ok. I'm not going to listen to inferior rappers b/c they didnt 'sell out'. unfortunately in a vacuum, "not selling out" has ZERO relationship with MC skills/talent. I can 'stomach' a "Big Poppa" for 10 "Gimme the Loot"s...or one "If I Ruled the World"s for 10 "I Gave You Power"s etc.

    again this is YOUR opinion and i'm not trying to change it, but i just find it absurd to be honest. Talent is talent. Singles are singles. they are your marketing for your album. nothing more nothing less.

    Listen man, I explained myself. I tend(ed) to stop listening to "mainstream" artists when I thought they were selling out or their music got tired, redundant, whatever the case. Gangstarr, Tribe, De la and the list goes on. I never said I didn't listen to a "mainstream" artist, but gave reasons why I started focusing on the underground right around 99 or 2000. You talk about opinions then true talent. What you perceive as talent is different than others. I'm not sure what is absurd...maybe my opinion and what I listen to is absurd to you. Notice I haven't said that one time no matter how much I dislike an artist that anyone has mentioned. So talent is talent, whatever you want to call something that somebody does, but I won't agree with what you think is "talent" worth listening to. Again we have been down this path and I tried to stop it earlier, but here we go again saying I think this or I think that. It could be nevereding man, but to call what I listen to is absurd is well uhhh your choice I guess. I will choose to stay away from those type of arguments as I have done this 100's of times in the past with friends & aquaintences. I will also refrain from mentioning how I feel about the insertion of these lol's in the middle of opinion-based sentences/paragraphs. I would much rather chat music with Chris Wills, no offense. Good luck man

  2. yeah altho i respect chris' opinion, can't agree with Lupe. I actually liked F&L and his mistapes better than the cool, but admittedly I wasn't a fan of some of the production on the cool. but lupe has talent. and your comment about changing over to conscious rap, etc...i don't hold ANY stock into who these rappers actually are b/c anyone can realize that most of these rappers are fake, think biggie went to a private school lol...and the ones that ARE real aka 50 cent are a joke many of the time. so i could care less about lupe switching from gangbanging to conscious raps.

    swish i'm def coppin murs & 9th they already laced 2 dope albums together and 9th is one of my top 5 fav producers. zones me the **** out.

    harry: EVERY single rap artist has done what you've critisizing (in the mainstream that is) even back in the golden era of hip hop. biggie was horrible at that, nas if i ruled the world, pac was pretty bad...like its a business man...just like your favourite athletes will always go for the dollar...to ME..as long as ONLY their singles are different..i could care less. if their whole album is real, and hard...i dont give 2 shiits that they have poppish singles cuz it's ridiculous to want them to not make it in the business for all the hard work they put in (if they're good).

    EVERY single rap artist? Really? Well if that is the case then it just goes to show why I don't have much interest in giving them any of my money. It is when I decide not to buy an album from an artist. That equals being watered down man. I can tell you that Sage Francis, Buck 65, Aesop Rock, El-P, Jel, etc. have NOT done this. That is why the underground is much more appealing to me. And you continue to want to compare musical artists to athletes. It is not working for me. Music is a creative industry, hopefully. They are many differences between the two. And a whole album cannot be real if they are choosing to sell out for singles that they hope to get radio play from. And yes they are plenty of artists hiphop or not that make a living doing what they want and making the songs they want. That is true art, not making stuff you think people will buy or like. Like Sole said..I 'd rather be broke and have a whole lot of respect.

  3. Man, I thought "The Cool" was unbelievably good. Borderline classic of the last few years. Earlier in this thread I read someone referring to his "sing-songy" hooks which is not the case for his album cuts. Sure, his singles have that pop influence in them, but what MC doesnt dumb down his sound a little for the single? The tracks like "The Coolest", and "Hip Hop Saved My Life" is where he shines the most.

    By the way, Murs and 9th Wonder - "Sweet Lord" comes out next week. All you guys need to definitley give that album a listen.

    See, that is the kind of stuff that turns me off bigtime. It's what the true underground artists/albums/songs don't do. This is why I now primarily dig for old samples and break beats. My friends with similar taste call it selling out for the masses and some of my favorite artists of all-time have done it. I have no problem with these artists or the people who listen to them. It is just a big reason why I have been turned off by rap music in the past several years. Again, this might happen to others as they get older or it may not. There is a lot of money in the rap game to be had and it seems harder for the MCs to make songs they truly want to make. It was sad to see this happen to my man Guru, but he made some great albums with Primo & essentially made peanuts off them....so I understand trying to get paid. But I would still rather listen to "Step in the Arena" or "Hard to Earn". I still believe that the best hiphop is made more from the heart as compared to making money or getting radio play.

    I am not a huge Murs guy, but have chatted with him the past few years at Scribble. Real cool dude for sure, I just don't get into his rap much. I did listen to the Felt album a bit...just not something I seek out much anymore. 9th Wonder can make some beats though, so I will check it out.

  4. if you could SOMEhow relate that to how good of a rapper he is that wouldn't have sounded so silly. you continue to seem fixated on judging MCs off of everything BUT their actual skills.

    if only maturity levels progressed linearly with age huh :)

    Dude, I listened to his stuff on youtube. Not impressed. If that wasn't his actual skill, then what the hell was he doing singing at the espys in front of a national audience? And I generally dont like the sing-songy MC's with overplayed chourses in their songs. Let's just say I agree again with Chris Wills on this one and that we have pretty similar tastes. You and I don't.

    Now if you want to talk about maturity levels that's fine. Maybe you can mature enough to understand that I don't like what I don't like. Anybody who is influenced by Crucial Conflict of all groups is sure not to register with me. Sorry that my opinion differs from yours.

    Now go chill and download/listen to those Conmen mixtapes, if you're not too mature for them. B)

  5. Sorry for the double post, but just had to recommend "The Conmen" and their mixtapes. I think they have been out awhile but I just downloaded 5 of them. They are full of great beats and you will recognize sample after sample if you were a hiphop fan thru the 90's. The blending is great and really makes for some good listening, imo.

    B) NICE :)

  6. -nope, never before released and it'll be a 1 time limited pressing. its called "demented thoughts."

    -only time i ever saw kool keith was when he was in his dr.doom phase.

    -herb mcgruff was in big L's crew C.O.C. harlem cat who released an ok solo LP 10 yrs ago then disappeared.

    I will let my buddy know, although he might already, and he will prolly look into gettin it. I knew I heard of Herb Mcgruff somewhere, just couldn't plave the name. RIP Big L!!

    Oh, and MiggyManCrrush was talking about Lupe Fiasco??? I am pretty sure I just heard him singing on the ESPY's. That was unfortunate. And he is an up & coming star? I guess I AM getting old.

  7. it helps when your older brother is a DJ.

    BTW, are you familiar with the cenobites? they just released this limited pressing (200 i think) of previously unreleased mid 90s tracks. tryin to get my hands on a hard copy, but i doubt it'll happen. starting price is 80 bucks. its the 2nd of 5 limited pressings. its being sold by the same people who released herb mcgruff's demo EP.

    Yeah, that does help. I have a Cenobites EP somewhere. It's Kool Keith, Gofather Don & several guests. Is that the one? I believe it had like 10 tracks, but it has been awhile since I rocked that. I think I used to play "Kick a Dope Verse" & "Mommy" quite a bit. I was lucky enough to see Kool Keith on Thanksgiving night, 2002 in Columbus. He came out in full Black Elvis attire and put on a good show. Not too familiar will Herb McGruff's stuff though, but a brother is too broke to afford a piece a wax for 80 bones right now. B)

    I will definitely be sellin my Cenobites EP if it is going for around $100. Good lookin out!!

  8. nah just wondering if you were down to trade. just link me to your e-bay if you ever put those up. im always looking for more vinyl.

    i've been buying 12"s since i was maybe 13. couldnt tell you how many pieces i got, but if you're looking for somethin lemme know.

    i got a bunch of breakbeats, funk and electro, but my specialty is mid 90s (94 to early 98) indy hip-hop.

    i know which blogs you're referring to...my buddy used to be one of the main contributors in that circle.

    Awesome man. Sounds like you have a nice taste. I like your style man. You probably have the pieces I will be selling, but I will let you know regardless. Impressive to say the least that you started collecting vinyl so young. I was way late on getting my decks and starting to collect.


  9. do you rip or trade vinyl?

    I haven't done any ripping of vinyl. I just borrow the ripped vinyl that others are so nice to share. I am actually going to liquidate some vinyl here real soon to clear some room and make a little cash. I do have some awesome blogs I visit almost daily that keeps the mp3's very fresh with older stuff mostly. Let me know if interested in the few blogs that I find very nice and also if interested in the sale of some vinyl. They will be on ebay soon and I can pm the blog sites(lots of old awesome funk) if you wish.


  10. lol I know what the word ignorant means. when ppl say "Now I refuse to listen to anything "hiphop", which is such a loose term" while also sending the msg that hip hop these days is garbage...how is that not ignorant?? You're clearly speaking on a subject (contemporary hip hop) you lack tremendous knowledge on, considering you said you don't listen to hip hop anymore. or maybe you're maybe you're taking in 2nd hand knowledge on todays hip hop to formulate your opinion which is just as bad.

    -how is common 'starting to understand the shelflife for MCs is short' when he just dropped an album last summer lol. a good album at that.

    -and trust me bud i'm far from mad that you're not enjoying good hip hop, just confused how one can just turn a blind eye to it because of ridiculous songs they hear on the radio or club (mentioned in your previous post). i'm not even sure why you mentioned those artists when no hip hop head actually takes them seriously.

    -and lol, please stop with the 'i was listening to rap before you were born' journey you're taking me on, its going nowhere. you'd think someone with your age and wisdom wouldn't think they are superior just b/c they started listening to hip hop b4 I was born.

    -you mention all this stuff about the history, i know a decent amount, cool herc, etc...but i dont see how this helps me enjoy the *music* more. I simply am in love with the art form of hip hop. you say watered down?? please give me examples. i could post pages and pages and pages of verses that are so powerful just from ONE artist, Nas (post illmatic B) ) that would suggest the opposite. i'm tired of hearing the same cliches from ppl, such as yourself, who aren't even listening to real hip hop, saying hip hop is garbage now. most mainstream hip Pop is garbage. but please provide me with reasons why you think some of the artists I mentioned are watered down. and maybe even provide me with this hip hop from your era b4 I was born that is so far superior too.

    I'm really not interested in trying to change your mind and trust me you wont change mine. I'm sure you do know more about the artists these days. It doesnt take long for me know what I don't want to hear. All the artists you listed I have heard and made comments on. These debates are exactly what I have avoided for several years now. It does nothing for me. I am not taking 2nd hand knowledge. Go to HHB, a blog that everything that comes out. I don't enjoy the music. Thats it.

    You said when you were born and yes I was listening to hip hop music then. I dont mean anything besides the fact that it is. If you don't think the genre is watered down, thats fine, but it's true. There are WAY more rappers puttin out records now than there were 10+ years ago. Hence, it's watered down. A & R's and record companies are trying to make all they can while it's selling. You can post all the verses you want and I read the Nas verse that Chris Wills responded to. I would rather listen to an old PE record than that.

    So besides the rappers you listed which was kind of all over the place, who else is "real" hip hop. I am sure what you feel is real is different than anybody else, so again it goes nowhere. Go do research on all the music from the 80's & 90's. I dont have the time to sit here and list them. I am sure all that you listen to now will be what you are fighting for in 10 years. Or maybe you will still "be in love with the art form". And if you are in love with it, go back and watch documentaries and read books about the past. Will it make you enjoy the music more? Hell I don't know. Maybe not, but to me it's really good knowledge that can be taken however. But if you love it so much, then I would say to read up.

    And to say hip hop heads do or dont enjoy things is impossible. Because they are all over the world. Hip hop is a worldwide thing man. In fact, the MC's overseas tend to have quite an understanding of what's up and how to flow. Again, this is such an opinion-based argument that it's pointless to me. I know where I stand. Maybe 10 years from now you will be in the same boat? Maybe you will still be in "love" with the art form as you called it? Time will tell. I got tired of it. I am more into the Djing and B-Boying, with an occasional freestyle battle.

    And I heard Common's last album, didn't like it. He has been in more movies than dropped records in the recent past. That should tell you something. I loved the Blackstar album, but what happened to Mos Def & Talib Kweli? Mos made an ok album, then some garbage and he has been makin as many movies as he can. How about Black Eyed Peas? Saw them in a small venue and they were solid. They were breakin on the stage. Now their act is a female vocalist that is the driving force of the group and has got way too much shine off of them. It's safe to say she wasn't at the show I saw. There have plenty of discouraging things I have seen and heard over the past several years. So I don't dig as deep as I used because of those things, not to mention I do enjoy listening to it. I told you what I am listening to mostly. I have downloaded a few hip hop albums lately and continue to stay up on the several artists, but just continue you be blah about most of the hip hop. And I can tell you their lyrics, beats, originality and style far exceed Lupe Fiasco imo.

    How I try to end these discussions are...you listen to what you like and I will do the same. I never said what I listen to is better or I am better than you. And notice I didnt type one lol because I didnt laugh at anything. It just doesn't get any simpler than I got bored with it. You can take that however you like man.

    And yes, Tribe was a BIGTIME favorite of mine until the Beats, Rhymes album. A great example of a group that made 3 INCREDIBLE albums to me and just fell off completely. It happens because its hard to keep banging out dope records that one can play straight thru to me. Heard anything from Fife or Q-tip lately? I'm not sure, but I don't think so cause their time is done.

    Oh yeah, buy vinyl. That's the only thing I tell people to buy & it can be whatever vinyl you want.

    I'm out of this dicussion for good man. Too many bad memories

  11. that is so ignorant bro. it pains me and upsets me when I hear ppl say how they refuse to listen to hip hop these days cuz of guys like lil wayne, soulja boy, etc etc etc. most heads accept the fact that the MAINSTREAM game is pretty f--ked up, but to suggest there's no good hip hop out is so foolish and ignorant imo, esp if you're not even giving MCs a chance. I was born in 85, and the 90's era was what got me into hip hop and obviously was the greatest era of all time for rap, but i fell in love with the music, and i could never just stop like that, esp when there's still great MC's putting out material today. Here's a list off the top of my head of some artists out i think are great for hip hop...



    Ghostface (probably the most consistent rapper in the last decade)

    Lupe Fiasco (one of the bright young stars)

    Royce 5'9 (album produced by PREMO coming in september i think it is, gonna be ridiculous)

    Blu & Exile (one of the albums of the year last year, amazing for a 21 year old, just amazing..underground though)

    Little Brother (sorta underground, but they're already pumped out 2 classics, 'The Listening' & 'The Minstrel Show')

    Jedi Mind Tricks (underground)

    Sean Price (underground)

    Eminem (minus Encore!! he's got a new album coming early '09 which he'll cover serious issues like proofs death etc, it will be nice)

    The Roots

    many more!! esp in the underground scene. plenty of good hip hop still. i def play tons of 90s s--- still, like any head, but don't sleep on hip hop in this era just cuz you're too ignorant to listen to whats actually real. who cares whats bangin on the radio?? let the kids listen to that.

    edit: i also listen to such mainstream artists like kanye west and the game, who are decent lyracally (aside from kanye's latest album) and get amazing production.

    Ignorance is being uninformed sir. I'm pretty sure I am not uninformed. I am just tired of it. I have heard most of the artists you listed. Nas, only Illmatic and a few other singles. Common was one of my favorite rappers but wasn't too into the albums after Resurrection. The Like water for Chocolate was the end for me. He is smart enough to understand the shelflife of most MC's is short & is getting into acting. You will also see many MC's getting into production, etc because they understand it's hard to keep putting out dope ish. I mean Public Enemy was one of the greatest ever and their stuff got wack....it happens. Ghostface-I listened to the older Wu-Tand stuff a ton, but again Ghostface is at the end. He has so many terrible guest artists that I can't take it. I'm good with the Ironman lp bro. Most of the next artists I have heard some of there stuff and not impressed what-so-ever. The Roots are great. Eminem was dead to me when he signed with Dre. Liked the underground stuff some & actually saw him at Scribble Jam when he was makin waves. So to see him sign with Dre was a letdown. I have some Jedi 12 inches, nothing great.

    I am much older than you and take pride in knowing the histroy of hip hop. It was not music originally. It was a style. The elements of this music can still be found, but it has been abused imo. I don't try to hate on these artists unless it's blaring in the car next to me. Back in 2000 when I started going almost strictly underground and studying the history, it used to really bug me. Take some time to check out some documentaries of this thing that used to be hiphop and you will see. One thing I am not is ignorant about is where this stuff came from and I know enough to know that I dont like it. There will maybe come a day when you feel the same way. It's watered down and tired to me. I am more than happy to find gems from the generations past. You dont need to be mad, cause these artists are livin the life from their music. And meanwhile the 100's of individuals that did so much to create this genre dont have squat. That should be more upsetting to you. And yes I still do listen to up and comers from time to time when I visit different blogs and download mixtapes. I am not impressed bro. You can say you don't agree, but can't call me ignorant. You are entitled to your opinion and I honestly don't care what you listen to. All I ask is that you study the past all the way back to when this style was being born. I was listening to rap before you were born. There is an entire generation between us. It makes a difference. But please refrain from calling people ignorant without thinking of the true definition and knowing the other person a little better.


  12. you saying that primo and others of his ilk cant produce laid back, chill beats? primo, pete rock and extra p's beats hit me like a metronome and make me completely zone out and really get me into the lyrics. to me, that style of heavy drummed, subtle jazz sample with chops, stabs and scratches based hip-hop suits nas to a T. hes got a grimey voice and a poetic, fragmented, non-sequitor style full of imagery. those "metronome" beats are perfect for him.

    besides, nas will never sound right over hyped beats cuz his flow isnt that versatile.

    nas' lyrics are guided, angry and on point. his flow is still effortless, but im not getting anything from them. im glad hes actually trying to say something, but in the end is he really saying you havent heard before? its like the dude is trying to be chuck D, but hes far from that. IOW, i disagree with your opinion that he's kicking "knowledge." its like socio-cultural bitching for dummies. have you actually ever heard him speak or try to explain his concepts outside of the studio? he sounds retarded, so i dont take him too seriously. but thats not a huge qualm of mine, at least hes saying something else. that being said, i stopped listening to hip-hop for the lyrics a LONG time ago. when it comes to MC's im more about voice, flow, cadence, cleverness, and patterns. nas still has that, so i still respect him as an MC. he just makes terrible albums cuz he has no ear for beats.

    im not expecting another illmatic, im just expecting halfway decent beats that arent this bland and generic so i can actually make it through one of his songs.

    BTW, that sample on "you cant stop us" has been used by at least 3 other mcs (doom, ill bill, rza...and more that i cant think of right now). that interpolation of the sample is the worst ive ever heard.

    i loved 90s hip-hop. i grew up on that stuff so i still hold onto the genre even though i listen to all types of music. to me, that music was timeless and ages well becuz of the level of musicality and the raw, more organic quality of the hip-hop back then. nas' selection of beats (again, outside of "fried chicken") is typical of today's hip-hop. its robotic, synthetic, artificial and lacking in soul. the beats on this particular album are even worse becuz theyre so damn boring.

    i'll wait for someone to do nas' mc'ing justice. this album is terrible.

    Nas should have quit after Illmatic. The album is a top 10 hiphop album & is like a movie that never should have had a sequel. The beats, stories, lyrics, rawness & flow still makes for a great listen. I wish everyone could realize how good hiphop was in the 90's & how awesome Yo! MTV Raps was compared to what is out today. Now I refuse to listen to anything "hiphop", which is such a loose term. I mean I have heard people put so many pop artists in hiphop. And meanwhile Kool Herc sits in his small 1 bedroom apt. while people like lil wayne, lil chingy, lil bow wow, lil flip & whatever other crap is out there reap the benefits of many great pioneers. I am not near as bitter as I use to be in regards to todays hiphop and do realize it might be a generation thing. Good to see Common gettin paid, but he will never outdue Resurrection.

    I have now begun to just dig crates for old funk, soul, reggae, blues, old school hiphop, rock, and any break beats that I might stumble upon from time to time. I was into the underound hiphop scene for awhile, but even that lost it's luster to me in the end. If anyone would like to check out a great lyricist in the genre, check out Sage Francis. He is about the only newer MC that has continued to put out music that I will continue to buy....also an incredible live performer. There are a few others I follow, but hiphop has really become tired & a disappoinment to me. Plenty of good DJ's & B-Boys still out there though B) .

    How many hiphop heads does it take to screw in a light bulb?----->3

    One to screw in the light bulb & two to argue how the older one was better......

    A good joke & fitting, imo.

  13. I have been into the mixtapes a lot of lately.

    A couple of good ones for the true hiphop heads is Popular Fallacies by John Doe of the 1200 Hobos.

    And Qbert has a set of break CD's with 4 Volumes called Breakonomics. Not sure how old these 2 are, but both new to me and I have been playing them into the ground at the gym. Anyone who might be interested let me know and I can tell where to get them. Don't worry it won't cost you a thing B) .

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