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  1. I am rooting so hard for the jets to score. Let’s go Lamar!!!
  2. Yeah you don’t deserve that. Shame on you.
  3. Had to google it. Definitely using this one while simultaneously looking “smart”.
  4. I have this weird feeling a 3 and out is coming.
  5. I started the year going 1-5 even though my team is stacked. Ran into terrible luck every week and remember seriously thinking about throwing in the towel on fantasy. I knew the only way to make it was to win out. That’s what I did. I went 6-1 to end this season including 5 straight as of right now and I’m squeezing into the playoffs!
  6. I’ve seen him make some incredible plays at the goal line. I know DK takes a lot away but, we cant discredit this dude.
  7. The fantasy footballers when I’m with the kids, rotounderworld when I’m not. Rotounderworld is pretty good for dfs plays and pissing off the wife when she learns what I find funny.
  8. I would forfeit my matchup to see the bears lose.
  9. Maybe they will rest Cohen to keep him fresh?
  10. I couldn’t believe I heard that right now. What an idiot.
  11. I have Kittle on a bye next week and someone dropped Howard. Who should I drop to get him? latavius Murray or Darrell henderson
  12. Wrong thread. I would never trade with anyone who set a 1 hour time limit. That Would make me think they were trying to get one over on me....Salesman type approach. Seeing as Carson has fumbled 3 times(unofficially)in 2 games, I wouldn’t do it.
  13. Flawed logic. I’m terrible at drafting.
  14. Those are my thoughts. I’m still targeting him. Thanks.
  15. Do all of your rankings and tiers on 1 or 2 sheets of paper at least 1 day ahead. Check news and adjust morning of draft day. You can add notes to each player or target adp. Otherwise just wait until guys on your list start getting skipped and take the value. Try not to get too drunk and mess it all up. I like to be carefree and have a good time on draft day. There is no need for anything else.
  16. A ton of risk here. Also a ton of upside. I think the fact that you have Saquon helps a ton but, this seems like it could be a wild ride in either direction.
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