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  1. Any wisdom to just playing both and taking ~30 pts between the two of them?
  2. John Brown (set to likely return from IR... Too risky, given MNF?)
  3. Beset by injuries, but in the finals... 3 of these (1 must be RB, other two FLEX) must start: Antonio Gibson (will he get full workload?) JD McKissic (maybe takes some of the McLaurin targets?) Mike Williams (best if Keenan sits, which he may not now) Tyron Johnson (only if Keenan sits, which he may not now) Chase Claypool (he's certainly been a less effective start lately but also has a huge boom game capacity) Jalen Raegor (feels like he has a consistent floor of 10 and might have a bit of building chemistry w Hurts?)
  4. Now what to do w both him and McKissic, how do we see snapshare going? McK sees a higher than normal share and still performs well due to McL absence? Hard to see AG getting high teens in touches, hard to tell if he should be a full go in the 'ship...
  5. The few plays I saw him in on, he was often corrected and told he was in the wrong position, once even the wrong side of the formation altogether... I'm confused, as I didn't remember that being a weak spot for him...
  6. I know, I know. Just having some fun. I own Koo and would love to own him again next year, but will not be keeping him myself. He is on a blistering pace, though.
  7. Clearly not an owner. Every rule has its exception. This man's legal middle name is "reception to the rule"
  8. Where is Hines? Edit: Found him... Been absent for quite a while, but is back in
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