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  1. bills vs. chargers - but chargers can score browns vs jets - but can't trust browns rams vs 49ers - hate divisonal games giants vs. bengals - really giants??
  2. anyone actually starting him vs NE defense?
  3. made room on my roster, if has a good day on sunday, it will be too late.
  4. yes. forgot one......turner for sure. so bo would be a top 75 player for me
  5. i would still take: story lindor tatis bregman
  6. wasn't he with shanny at falcons? so he may not need much time to catch up. added him
  7. what the hell we are doing with him? fell to me pick 9 and i thought i had a winner, now i think i may have a lemon.
  8. why aren't we talking about this guy more? darnold has to throw it to someone.
  9. can't read all 31 pages, but how this guy look in camp? pass protection? the other backs?
  10. dude just went at 5 ahead of henry in my big money league, 250 buy in.
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