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  1. Rutchsman. In a number of writeups I have read this season say that he is going to be the defining catcher of his era.
  2. I am putting together a counter offer in an auction dynasty league. With the prevalent thought that pitchers need to be stretched out to higher innings since the short 2020 season. Should a Starting Pitcher return value be slightly lower this year while a Batters value will remain near constant since total innings pitched and possibly innings per game may be lower? thx
  3. Someone cut him in our league. I started researching his number for the last few years. He seems to pitch better from the stretch. Should he/ Could he avoid a full windup?
  4. 69% ground ball. The ground lives in fear.
  5. He's on my watch list but shows nothing but middling stuff. Needs control to get away with his pitches.
  6. I guess Kuhl hasn't been relevant for a number of seasons now. His performance last nite against the Reds was encouraging even thou a loss. He displayed good velocity and control. His problem was that he ran into an incredibly hot Winker who hit very good pitches in the Reds homer palace. Deserves another start. "According to Statcast, Winker is on pace for the highest average exit velocity of his career this season; entering Friday’s game, it was 93.7 mph this season, compared to 89.1 in 2019. He also had his highest expected batting average (.348), weighted on-base average (.446) and e
  7. 12 tm Dynasty , std cats. Must drop one of these Jeremy Jeffress or Jonathan Hernandez. Both handcuffs for well performing closers. thx
  8. Kyle Freeland ,Pedro Lopez, Willy Adames. All bench players, good for the needed day off. 12 team Dynasty, Team is balanced in both hitting and pitching. Need to cut one. Thx
  9. Javier's first inning was something to see. Tough one.
  10. Is he a cut? Non Holds , no IL league. thx
  11. What future does Willy Adames have in Tampa Bay? With the Rays’ abundance of well-regarded MI prospects (Franco, Brujan, and Edwards), soon Adames will be looking over his shoulder at a future without position. Trade?? Tampa Bay has shown a willingness for nervy moves. If I was Detroit or Philadelphia I would be paying attention.
  12. Dynasty Roto both at same salary. My other pitchers are Wheeler, Paxton, and Woodruff. Other 3B/CI are Rendon and Abreu. Or should I ask for Eugenio Suarez? Any thoughts appreciatedd.
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