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  1. I think Arizona drafts an RB. I like Chase but hes best used in an Ekeler like role. Chase isnt a 3 down stud imo.
  2. And they keep coming back for more! Hahahahahaha Good luck starting this mega stud guys! I hope mega studs don’t hurt your team too much! You wouldn’t want to start too many mega studs now would we??? Tread with caution when starting a MEGA STUD RB!! We wouldn’t want to start a MEGA STUD RB down the stretch!!!! God forbid!!! Is 11TDs as a rookie good? Asking for a friend. LMAO
  3. They’ll say Gibson is still TD dependent in his thread lmao
  4. Can’t wait to hit up the Gibson thread after this game lmao
  5. Man do I LOVE this thread... these posters come in weekly to try and throw water on Gibson then immediately get embarrassed the following week. See you around 8 tonight, get ready to eat.
  6. Gibs keeps on rollin! 8TDs as a rookie who is still learning the position! Best RB in the draft!
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