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  1. I think you are the guy who charges an entire entry fee for your efforts, summed up: posting want ads to fill your leagues. $500 for that? come on, man. stop ripping people off. anyone considering joining should be TOLD UP FRONT that you charge a massive fee for spamming the boards daily. and why should anyone join your league when they can find a different $500 league in which EVERY member pays that same $500...
  2. I 100% agree re the daily community threads. I found more than a few helpful pieces of information well before my league mates simple by reading the daily's.
  3. Sickels has been my go to guy for prospect ranking since the 1990's. This year, 2021, he is not posting a list. Any suggestions on a good 'go-to' guy or site for prospect ranking? thanks
  4. This is in your opening post: LEAGUE FEE $150, OF WHICH $25 GOES TOWARD THE CBS SPORTS HOST FEE. 10 teams x $25 a team = $250
  5. 12 team league has a prize pool of $1,200? are there any expenses?
  6. auction $$$ American League Let me know if you need another owner...
  7. haha...if you give me $100, l'll take it off your hands
  8. specifically: american league, roto, $$$ (higher the better), auction
  9. anyone running american league only roto, playing for $$$, 2020 season ?? re-draft or keeper, I am good with either. cbc_2003@hotmail.com
  10. American League only 5x5 no trades using cbs.sportsline $250 entry flat fee, (100% returned), transactions included in price LIVE in person auction auction date is Saturday March 21 location in the greater Toronto area constitution is available, my email is: cbc_2003@hotmail.com thanks
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