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  1. Everyday on Facebook i donate my status to chuck norris...i give a Chuck Norris Fact once a day!
  2. WOW! A steal with AJ! How didnt he go number 1? ESPECIALLY TO A TEXANS FAN!!!! Im disappointed! anyway great pick sya...and whoever took slaton, another steal... Anyway about me being a backup...im totally ok with it...i dont check this page often so hit me up with a PM if need be...i work everyday as a counselor from 830-415 CT so im out but you can almost always reach me by phone by text or i can be on aim on my phone...so if u need a backup just PM me or text me (i will give my Number and AIM to Texan guy so he can reach me if need be by phone or aim)
  3. ehhh...i dont mind being a backup...if someone needs to quit i dont mind joining... of course it means i wud have to c where in the draft you guys are and if i like the team (or feel i can do something with it)...im practically always around so hit me up with a PM if something opens up
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