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  1. Last I read - Rotoworld blurb maybe - he is moving to the bullpen but what does that even mean? Is he a bulk guy, one inning guy, long relief guy. If he makes a few appearances in a week he could have value.
  2. Tonight Derek Dietrich has 1 official AB, 1BB, no hits...and 4 runs scored. I did a double take when I saw that stat line - thought maybe there was a typo in the box score. He has walked once and had been HBP three times - come around to score all four times. I’m not Elias Sports Bureau but I am going to guess there haven’t been too many stat lines like that in baseball history.
  3. Sent Buster Posey + Austin Riley received Gary Sanchez + Hunter Pence
  4. Completed a trade - after talking to the owner landed on this: I give Buster Posey + Austin Riley I get: Gary Sanchez + Hunter Pence He actually threw in Hunter Pence but I believe in some of his improvements this year so was happy to get him. I think there is every chance I just traded away this years Juan Soto but I felt taking the chance at a catcher upgrade was worthwhile.
  5. If this is bench coach feel free to move but I am trying to assess how I feel about Riley the remainder of the year. I own him and have been offered a couple of trades for him but with players like this it is difficult to have a sense of what selling at a fair price looks like, especially because projection systems are bearish on call ups and he has had a first week which makes us all think Juan Soto. Obviously he has 70 grade power and the opposite field power is really impressive. All of the projection systems have him at 45-75 games but I think we have to project on the idea tha
  6. It’s Eickhoff and Matz for me drops would be Lucchesi and Cishek
  7. TBH I don’t think I would make the move - look at what Houston did last year in delaying the call up of Tucker. They are winning now have few clear cuts without options. Yes Alvarez is raking but he could sit on your bench for another two months. I think you would be better off packaging Donaldson in a 2 for 1 deal to clear a roster spot - maybe Donaldson + a pitcher to upgrade one of your starters. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/751986-fielding-offers-for-austin-riley/
  8. Thanks for your help on mine - I’m always a fan of getting the best player in a deal and think that is Turner here. I wonder if you could counter for a slightly better secondary piece instead of needing to drop both - either way I would lean to accepting it.
  9. With regards to the trade I would take it. Yes Ramirez has been struggling but he has top five overall upside and is still on the right side of the aging curve. I think we are going to look at this as the season Votto turned into Joe Mauer. I do have to say it feels like you have an awfully quick trigger finger. Pretty early in the season to say a player is / is not “trash” and dropping Conforto especially seems pretty rash. That said I think where you are makes it tough to think about winning but with a good second half you could have a top 4 finish. thoughts on mine:
  10. Thanks - my OF is a bit thin as I have Conforto now on the IL: OF is: JD Martinez, Rosario, Mazara, Conforto, Soto, Dyson, Dietrich, Peraza, Dickerson (IL) in general I am ok on power but hurting on speed. My catching is Posey, McCann, Suzuki so Sanchez would definitely be an upgrade. Part of me just wants to sit tight and see what Riley does but if I can upgrade I am open to it.
  11. Riley - he has 70 grade power and will have multi position eligibility at least for next year. Help on mine
  12. Hiura for me simply because the Rockies have so consistently screwed with their young players I have absolutely no trust in them. Help on mine
  13. Rodriguez then McNeil for me. Help on mine:
  14. I picked up Austin Riley in my league and have an owner who seems to be very interested in him. So far he has offered: Heyward for Riley Desmond + Loasiaga for Riley Heyward + Desmond for riley I have turned down each of these offers. Earlier this season I sent him Josh Bell for Jose Peraza - this was before Bell broke out but obviously that one didn’t work well for me. I’m open to loving Riley but don’t want to ignore the upside he has. Two offers I am considering are: Riley for Pham or Riley + Posey for Gary Sanchez would love thoughts on either of these.
  15. [...] I like the chance for upside here. Tampa feels a lot more like WAS than Colorado - ie smart when it comes to their young prospects. I expect that if they are calling him up he will get a chance to play nearly full time and prove himself at this level. I love the parks in the division for him. As a brockpaper said above - power without sacrificing AVG is a huge win especially in the day and age of cheap power.
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