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  1. Dolis just dropped in my relatively deep league - what am I missing here, seems like he is the only healthy arm left in the TOR pen...
  2. Highly recommend you read / listen to the article with Theo Epstein about the state of the game today on the athletic. He has a great point in there that fans want a more enjoyable game on the field but don’t want the changes that would actually lead to it. This is one of those changes. Specifically has to do with velocity, batter reaction time and strikeouts. I know I would love to see a game with more balls in play and fewer “three true outcomes” I’m all for testing ideas like this in the minors to get us there. Link (Paywall but worth the cost): https://theathletic.com/2
  3. I can’t understand this reasoning at all - not in a shallow redraft league and definitely not in a keeper. - He is 23 - In his last full season he went .255/17HR/28SB - 2020 was 2020 complete pass - so far this year he has more than doubled his walk rate, dropped his K rate, lowered his O-swing % and increased his contact rate all while playing elite defense that will keep him in the lineup every single day. This is not a droppable player.
  4. Back in the day there was a thread that posted many of the many misses in the Rotoworld/Sportsedge universe. Seems as good of a time to resurrect as any. For example did you know Ronald Acuna and Ozzie Albies hit back to back home runs in the first inning yesterday? This is seemingly impossible given Acuna leads off and Albies bats 5th and is complicated by the fact Acuna did not homer last night... https://www.nbcsports.com/edge/baseball/mlb/player-news/10079366
  5. Just be patient folks. Nothing in the underlying stats screams panic. K rate is down, contact is stable. If anything the biggest thing I see is that he is swinging less - probably could be a bit more aggressive about finding his pitch as his swing rate is down over 5%. Worth mentioning he switched leagues and first four games were Buehler, Kershaw, Bauer, Urias). hold the line
  6. Valdez didn’t put himself if a great situation (1st & 3rd with one out) but got a bit crapped on by his defense. Had a tailor made double play ball to end the game and a super slow turn by Galvis / Ruiz. Worth noting Galvis could have also gone home with the throw and probably had an out.
  7. Freaking Rockies - opening day: “Elias Diaz will be our primary catcher” Every other day: “who is Elias Diaz”
  8. Terrible for his owners but in redraft leagues worth keeping in mind that there were concerns in ST. I know he played through it then but I have been burned in the past by taking guys with “minor” spring training injuries. This year I was avoiding and bumping down my ranks guys like Tatis, Soto, Springer, etc. in redraft leagues when you have a top 4 pick why take the risk?
  9. Holy F Jack Flaherty, you had leads of 6 runs in the first, second and 8 runs in the third - get the frick through 5 innings.
  10. He is my SP1 - I am willing to write of 2020 for most players but especially the Card's - their schedule was an unbelievable mess. He was available to me at pick 26 along with Kershaw and Castillo and I took him above both.
  11. I don't have room on my roster but Chad Green is a bit of a sharp play if you have a short week Thursday - Sunday and don't have enough starters going. Chapman is suspended for the first two games due to the playoffs and Green is in line for those save chances if they are there.
  12. Last I read - Rotoworld blurb maybe - he is moving to the bullpen but what does that even mean? Is he a bulk guy, one inning guy, long relief guy. If he makes a few appearances in a week he could have value.
  13. Tonight Derek Dietrich has 1 official AB, 1BB, no hits...and 4 runs scored. I did a double take when I saw that stat line - thought maybe there was a typo in the box score. He has walked once and had been HBP three times - come around to score all four times. I’m not Elias Sports Bureau but I am going to guess there haven’t been too many stat lines like that in baseball history.
  14. Sent Buster Posey + Austin Riley received Gary Sanchez + Hunter Pence
  15. Completed a trade - after talking to the owner landed on this: I give Buster Posey + Austin Riley I get: Gary Sanchez + Hunter Pence He actually threw in Hunter Pence but I believe in some of his improvements this year so was happy to get him. I think there is every chance I just traded away this years Juan Soto but I felt taking the chance at a catcher upgrade was worthwhile.
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