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  1. In BA's hot sheet chat last week, they said he could be a #2 if everything plays out right. I really like this kid...hop onboard as well!
  2. His season was solid last year but he didn't take the leap I was expecting. The walks are a little concerning but overall, it wasn't all that bad. Maybe he won't be a quick mover and it someone takes a little at each level (which isn't a bad thing). I personally don't think he is fantasy ace material but I could see a good #2 in his prime with a decent floor if he stays healthy, which I would take every day of the year...
  3. 96, somewhat agree, it is getting a little worriesome but sometimes you just have to go with the talent side of it. It we went with organizations with bad track records, we'd have to cut off the Royals with all their blown/flamed out arms, Baltimore with their history of underwhelming arms, Pittsburgh with zero decent recent pitching prospects, same with Colorado and Cincy...well with Dusty at the helm.
  4. jump onboard ASAP in keeper leagues. I could see this guy being a top 10-15 guy by season's end...
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