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  1. I do. And I love Sutton. I view him as having Justin Jefferson potential.
  2. No, I know - I was agreeing that he would be a WR1 in that scenario.
  3. Sorry - I was referring to his moral compass only. Carry on - I enjoy reading your analyses.
  4. Maybe I should’ve understood this thread would involve a lot of frustration with Frazier - totally get that. But it’s a long season - and giving up on him just now simply because Gardner is around doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.
  5. Barrels are awesome, but his plate discipline remains sorely lacking - I would need to see some evidence of a major turnaround before counting on him in the way I would those others listed.
  6. I did. Disgusting. Only thing I can think of is the enforcement crew in the stands had a year off and newbies came in and didn’t know how to properly comport themselves.
  7. I did notice he swung two-handed - and they routinely enticed him with balls either low or outside. Let’s see if he can continue that discipline.
  8. While I agree with your opinion that draft capital means practically everything when evaluating a RB for fantasy purposes, Herbert would be a serious downer for Davis’s fantasy prospects.
  9. Seriously? WR1. Once he was established and knew the offense, yes.
  10. As much as I have to cringe at a non-ironic Art Briles reference - boo that man - I would be interested to see what Stidham has as a starter. He’s unfortunately been pinned into a backup role, perhaps prematurely.
  11. At this rate Price is going to overtake the field in both wins and saves, and make the conversation moot.
  12. Yes - and he deserves to be, until Frazier proves otherwise. Maybe the more accurate way of putting it is “he won’t be starting every day.” But anyone understanding the situation knew that was likely. You and I both know injuries will start opening up more PT for everyone - but Frazier is being given a chance as the starter. A “platoon” connotes that a player is routinely sitting against pitchers of a certain handed-ness - that just hasn’t been the case thus far, nor do I expect it to happen.
  13. Are you referring to this quote from Boone? Or have I missed something more recent? Obviously people have been asking me a lot about Frazier lately. The reality is he’s started nine of 12 games, I sat him two games in a row where I felt he was scuffling a bit and Gardy was on a good little run. I guess I understand the question, but let’s ask it a month or six weeks from now and see what the body of work looks like and the regularity works like.”
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