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  1. I do - provided full health, I’d expect Tua to go from murdering the value of his chief weapons to elevating them to valuable fantasy assets.
  2. As far as I know, Wilson hasn’t issued any demands of the organization - he hasn’t even formally requested a trade. What’s disingenuous about wanting more input or better protection?
  3. It’s not as if the Bears are awful - they did just make it to the playoffs and finished second in their division with a dire combo of Trubisky and Foles. Wilson probably would’ve been worth at least a few more wins than those guys.
  4. Staring that much money in the face can go a long ways towards persuading you that things can turn around for the better, I would imagine.
  5. Eh - they lost three games as opposed to one during the RW Cook-off, and one of those certainly wasn’t due to a lack of offense (the Hail Murray). They also had an extremely light schedule in the second half against mainly comparatively weak offenses. I tend to agree that a trade is unlikely, but the fact that the situation has escalated to this point means nothing is off the table.
  6. Then why are they listening to offers? Rank incompetence?
  7. Is the roster that good outside of Wilson?
  8. Parham has a 7-foot wingspan, a 36” vertical leap and runs about 4.6 - and averaged 9.4 YPC and 146.6 yards/game in 2018, best in all of D-I football. He’s plenty athletic to take on a major role as a pass-catcher, and with Herbert as his QB, and a budding rapport between them, I would not be surprised in the least if he became a rock-solid TE1 that could provide excellent value in upcoming drafts, both dynasty and redraft.
  9. Your introduction (spot-on) evokes memories of Darren Waller. One of the most intriguing players to consider if he receives the starting role.
  10. While we don’t know exactly what to expect from this offense in 2021, I think it’s safe to assume they will preserve what worked best under the Gailey scheme: namely, tempo and RPOs, which should provide Tua plenty of opportunities to do damage both through the air and on the ground. Both OCs have many years of coaching experience at both the collegiate and pro levels, so I don’t consider a lack of experience a concern here. And I would also expect the offense to open up much more with a fully healthy Tua - he possesses the accuracy, touch and ball placement to utilize every area of the fiel
  11. It could’ve had to do with the RB2 season he managed the year before under the same circumstances. In any event, I’m surprised this thread has even garnered this much interest.
  12. Perhaps - but what of his ceiling? He entered that Buffalo game as the only QB not to have thrown an INT from a clean pocket. You have to assume they are not only going to upgrade his protection, but also his surrounding weapons. And now he should be fully over a devastating hip injury that probably limited what he could accomplish downfield and without having to constantly worry about a sudden in-game benching. And with a full off-season to prepare as a starter. We can’t simply ignore what he accomplished in college in favor of a meager sample he put up as an injured rookie in a highly u
  13. Dr. Edwin Porras, a well-respected injury analyst in the fantasy football community, had the following insights regarding McCaffrey: ”An example of a player who may have sustained a quad strain due to the up and down nature of practice-game-rehab is Christian McCaffrey, which is why I’m bullish on him staying healthy in 2021. For example, McCaffrey has been a warrior playing in almost every game in college and in the NFL. In 2020, he sustained a contact injury (high ankle sprain) that was unavoidable and common among running backs. Then he returned and suffered yet another one of those sa
  14. How do Tua’s nine starts from last season factor into the “adversity” calculus?
  15. Why would Russell require more publicity at this point?
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