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  1. He’s also notoriously struggled versus the Dodgers in his career - much to his outspoken dismay
  2. Listening to the DBacks announcers hurriedly cram in all the terrible record-breaking stats of their team before they lose again is just super-depressing
  3. But those three games per season were glorious!
  4. I love how you keep trying to light a fire under the Yanks’ collective butts by bringing up their offense 7-10 times per day in this thread - I for one sure hope it eventually works!!
  5. He’s really upped the sinker usage this year - obviously, the mix re-mix is working splendidly
  6. ...is this a bad time to ask “What ‘elbow’ issue?”
  7. Easiest IL swaps you can make all year
  8. Tell me you didn’t pick Minter back up for Watson
  9. Thankfully his best wasn’t good enough!
  10. Talk about calling your shot!! 😂
  11. And I, too, would never argue that other human beings had even worse character in history than Barry Lamar Bonds.
  12. Pretty sure Bonds was taking substances in addition to steroids - including Human Growth Hormone. I was just addressing your false claim that he never officially tested positive for PEDs. At least he had the decency to throw a teammate under the bus for his choice to cheat. Carry on-
  13. https://www.espn.com/mlb/news/story?id=2727325 ...whoops...
  14. Any thoughts on how long he might be sidelined?
  15. It’s pretty poor form to be quoting yourself to show everyone how right you are. I guarantee you no one in the deGrom thread cares at all. Like, in the slightest.
  16. ...you? Here to provide us all with a silver lining that your prediction was correct? Really, you’re a Saint!
  17. Not to mention the Rockies have been playing very well in...the Rockies...
  18. Rockies have been pretty darn good at home - even more reason to avoid starting opposing pitchers there
  19. They deserve relentless electrocution...
  20. ...well, they are hideous hitters, so...
  21. Also momentarily looked like he might’ve tweaked something - waved off the trainer/catcher
  22. So how much longer do the Brewers just keep wasting ace performances from their SP? Just curious
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